6 Miles Through Colts Neck

I wanted needed to run today---I needed to get the stress out.  I wanted to run yesterday too--it was so beautiful out; I actually felt like I wasted the day because it was my day off.

I would run everyday---but I know I need the days off, especially since I am trying to build up my mileage.  I felt good day---fast and strong.  This is the fastest I have ever run on route this long.  I even walked up one big hill---4/6 miles were less than 10min/miles:)  

I ran with music today.  Mile 4, "Somebody told me", The Killers came on,  ---right when I needed the motivation--it felt like I was running uphill on miles 4&5.  Two groundhogs ran across the road in front of my.  I would have sworn they were a couple.  The first one actually stopped, turned around and waited for the following one to catch up.



Karen said...

Great job on the 6 miles! That's an awesome pace!

Racy Runner said...

Thanks, Karen---I feel more and more like a runner as the days go by:)

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