Maybe I Shouldn't Have Eaten That

I have been fighting off a sinus infection/cold all week---bulking up on the Vitamin D and Oil of Oregano, my secret weapons, and last night I was finally feeling better, but alas my husband brought not just one---but two Pete & Elda's Pizzas home.  For those of you not from around here Carmen's/Pete& Elda's Pizza is delicious---it is the best thin crust pizza in existence (as far as overall best pizza---Vics in Bradley Beach would give them a run for their money---but thin- crust pizza--there is no other place that even comes close).  Pizza is my weakness---I could eat a whole double extra large pie without even breaking a sweat.  I don't know what it is about pizza, but I can not help myself.

The funny thing is I follow a vegan diet---except for the pizza.  I avoid dairy in all other forms--so why can't I stay away?  Normally I go to bed early---I mean real early.  I used to use the kids as an excuse, "Oh, Finn needs me to lie down with him to fall asleep---I better go up with him."  Now, I do not even try to pretend.  I think the whole reason we got the DVR for the TV was because I missed seeing any show that was not syndicated and on earlier.

So last night Ray took Conor to LAX, his last indoor league game, and then the team went to P & E to celebrate.  Ray told me he would bring the rest of us home some pizza----BIG MISTAKE---because I knew the pizza was coming, I stayed up untill 10:30 waiting---yes, waiting to eat pizza at 10:30 at night and that is exactly what I did when he walked in the door.  I don't even think I exchanged a greeting.

Was it worth the guilts?  Did eating it help me shed the extra 15 pounds I am running around with?  Certainly not---but I went to bed happy and I actually had a great night's sleep.

Breakfast this morning before the run....

Pizza, of course:)
(surprisingly it did not upset my stomach on the run)

Run this morning:

I ran with a friend, it was our first "run date" just her and I---as you know I love running with friends, but running with someone new is extra special----you get to learn all about them and look forward to learning even more the next time:)

6 miles; felt great.  We walked about .5 miles and I ended with the Cross Farm loop--1.5 miles.

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