11 Along the Beautiful Shore

I really was not looking forward to this 11 mile run; I think I was a little worried about "getting it done".  I had run 10.5 two weeks ago, but for some reason 11 seemed out of my reach---that is until today:)

It was a PERFECT spring day and I wanted to run the route (or at least part of the route) I would be running the day of the 1/2 marathon.  Instead of starting in Asbury Park and running to Sea Girt, I thought I would start in Spring Lake.  We spend our summer there; we get a locker at North Pavilion and it is only a 20 minute drive from the house.  I was counting on the bathrooms being open knowing I would have to go before I ran.

Guess what.....not only were the bathrooms not open, but it seemed like everyone had the same idea I did---the boardwalk was loaded with bikers, runners, and Sunday strollers---so my plan B---popping a squat in the sand in a case of an emergency was a definite NO GO.

Thankfully, the never ending construction at the Essex/Sussex provided me with another option
Yes, the gate was open and I have never been one for silly rules.  When I came out there were some other runners across the street who made a bee line for the porta potties after they saw me leave.  

I had started the run heading into Sea Girt until I got to the stop point for the upcoming 1/2 marathon course and then turned around and headed North---I thought if I ran to the end of Bradley and back that would be 11.  I hit the end of Bradley at mile 6---I had started off fast, faster than I usually run:

mile 1 - 9:13
mile 2 - 9:01 (holy cow)
mile 3 - 9:27

For a lady that barely breaks 11 minute miles--this was fast and I had felt good until I got to mile 6--then I really felt tired.  Thankfully this song came on my ipod at just the right moment

I know this song is old school--but I get an endorphin rush every time it comes on.

I was slower on the way back, but I managed to keep moving.  I did miscalculate---I had hoped to reach 11 miles by the time I saw my car---unfortunately, I still had 3/4 of a mile to go when my car came into sight---I hate looping around, but that it just what I had to do to get the 11 miles in.  So I ran up and down the block where my car was until I "got it done".

Here is my car---sitting waiting for me--taunting me---
the last 3/4 of a mile was torture
I was dreading the calf tightness of an 11 miles run, so I ran in compression socks today---first time I ever ran in them.  I guess I will not know until tomorrow if they help reduce that calf achiness I normally get after a long run.   
Here is a picture of my socks---
this coupled with a skort and t-shirt---I was stylin

 It was a perfect run


MJ said...

Looks like you had an awesome run! The weather looks amazing! Hope your calves are ok tomorrow. And congrats on being the leader in the port-a-potty break in lol. :)

Sunflower Kisses said...

Wow on the 9 minute mile! That's awesome. I can only dream that I will get that fast on parts of my run someday. And WOW on not giving in to temptation!
I hate looping around too and I always miscalculate the mileage. But I always choose to loop around somewhere where I can't see my car, that way, I will get my miles in and if I hit the goal for that run, I will just walk to my car.
Do let us know if those compression socks work.

Karen said...

Great run!!! Looks like a beautiful day!

Eileen W. said...

Woo hoo- go 9 minute mile woman!!! I love the song and the compression socks are stylin'! Beautiful scenery along that part of the Jersey Shore.

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