Pushing it and it feels good

Hammer House Ryde this morning.  I love this spin class--now, don't get me wrong I like the regular spin class at the Y too--but this ryde (they don't call it spin) is hard CORE.  CORE being the operative word.  Buying that Groupon was the best thing I have done in awhile and I already told Ray that I want to purchase another package when the Groupon series is finished.  These classes add something that was missing from my typical weekly workouts.  Even one class a week is a nice addition.

Today was tough--I had taken Con to an ortho appointment in the am and had not eaten breakfast.  I ALWAYS eat breakfast before working out.  The peanut butter granola bar I scarfed down before class was not cutting it.  I did consume a whole bottle of water and I had added a Nuun tablet to it to make sure I really re-hydrated.
I wanted to run 5 today since the weekend if filled with the boys sports activities, but after class I had doubts that I would make it.  I headed over to the library and before I knew it--5 DONE.  I pushed myself and it felt good.
Avg Pace
100:09:24 1.00 09:24
200:09:38 1.00 09:38
300:09:45 1.00 09:45
400:09:37 1.00 09:37
500:09:42 1.00 09:42

5 Before the Rain

This morning was hot and HUMID.  I knew I needed to get 5 done--the rest of my week is pretty hairy.  Headed out into the sun---by mile 3, I was sitting on a road side curb hoping the ominous clouds in the background would move in at a quicker pace.  I LOVE running in the rain when it is warm out---but alas, it held off until I pulled into my driveway:)
Today's song, Where's Your Head At, Basement Jaxx

Avg Pace
100:09:30 1.00 09:30
200:09:34 1.00 09:34
300:09:53 1.00 09:53
400:10:05 1.00 10:05
500:09:43 1.00 09:43

It is HOT out there:)

5 miles on the agenda today.  After Strength Training at the Y, I hit Starbucks and the supermarket, since my work appointment was canceled at the last minute last night. A nice venti soy latte and I am good to go.

It is hot and humid today, but I thought I could bang 5 out--I did, but it was not pretty.  The sweat stung my eyes so bad and tech shirts are not good at wiping the sweat away.  I ended up walking the 4th mile.
Avg Pace
100:09:53 1.00 09:53
200:09:51 1.00 09:51
300:10:11 1.00 10:11
400:13:20 1.00 13:20
500:10:16 1.00 10:16
Got it DONE! It was a really beautiful day; even the horses at the end of the street thought so:

Looping for Ronan

Ronan had Lax last night and I planned all day to run while he was at practice.  It has been nice not worrying about when to sneak a run in---just knowing I will have at least one hour uninterrupted has really made things easier.  I look at my chauffeur responsibilities in a whole new light:)

Another perk was the weather.  It was a hot/humid one yesterday, but the wind shifted and a nice cool breeze moved in.  By the time I was done with 5 miles, a mist had covered the entire area---it was cool and wet--felt great after the run.  

I also restrained myself from eating anything other than a handful of nuts after the run.  Eating after 8 pm when I run later had become an issue--a 5 lb issue.

Instead of running from Cross Farms into Thompson as I would have liked, I stuck to the loop at Cross Farms for Ro--he was worried it would rain and he would not be able to find me if practice was cut short-As much as I hate running in a loop--anything for my Ronan.
Avg Pace
100:09:05 1.00 09:05
200:09:22 1.00 09:22
300:09:36 1.00 09:36
400:09:38 1.00 09:38
500:09:24 1.00 09:24

Be Careful What You Wish For

It is 70 degrees + here in NE today--Spring is finally here.  Unfortunately I had forgotten what it was like to run in the heat and humidity---it was killer and there was even a nice breeze today so I better get used to the heat.

I had convinced Ray and Finn to come and ride their bikes--I promised to show them a new trail.  They had never ridden on the Henry Hudson trail in Marlboro and I wanted to show them the cool trails near the YMCA camp.

A mile into the run, I was handing Ray my shirt--asking him, "Do you think I look OK if I just run in my bra"---it is a sports bra and it can be worn alone (does not look like a real bra) and my running skirt (keep in mind I am a 40 year old mother of three--so covering up is usually the way I go).  In the end, I just did not care--my tech shirt was thick and heavy and it had to go.

We had fun and I am glad the men came with me.  When we got home Finn said, "Conor and Ronan really missed out"---love him.
Avg Pace
100:09:34 1.00 09:34
200:09:58 1.00 09:58
300:10:08 1.00 10:08
400:10:36 1.00 10:36
500:10:00 1.00 10:00

New Habits

With work and life--finding new running habits is a challenge, but this was my second night running when Finn was at soccer practice and although I like exercising first thing in the am--this was not too bad.

The only thing is eating late night. Usually I don't eat past 6-7 pm--but the last two nights I was eating at 9-10 right before going to sleep--that can't be good.

Started the run in Buck's Mill trails--twisted my ankle and mile 2 but it did not hurt bad enough to not run (until later).  Headed to the library for some extra miles--5 done.

Avg Pace
100:09:49 1.00 09:49
200:09:52 1.00 09:52
300:09:40 1.00 09:40
400:09:54 1.00 09:54
500:09:46 1.00 09:46
Today's Song, Shut Up and Let Me Go, Ting Tings

5 Mile Trail Run While Little One at Soccer

Work and life in general have been getting in the way of my runs, so when I took Finn to practice last night, I went prepared.  I figured I could get 5 in easy and even tucked my Runner's World Trail edition into my purse for post-run relaxing.

It was warm out last night--Spring has finally hit the NE.  I was able to wear a running skirt, but had to lad up on the Body Glide since my last run with a running skirt yielded some seriously painful chub rub.  No matter how thin I am the top of my thighs will always rub together--just the way it is.  

I took a picture of the 20+ deer playing on the horse farm--jumping over the equipment and everything---but the camera on my phone did not cooperate and the photos are awful.  You will just have to take my word that the run was beautiful and I had never seen that many deer congregating as if they planned a "meet-up"; I was waiting for them to break out in true flash mob fashion.

Avg Pace
100:08:59 1.00 08:59
200:10:13 1.00 10:13
300:10:01 1.00 10:01
400:10:19 1.00 10:19
500:09:48 1.00 09:48

Run for Those Running Boston

After tennis this morning, I really wanted to get a run in for those running Boston this morning.  I DVR'd the race and have not watched it yet--so don't spoil the outcomes for me:)

It is a beautiful spring day here in Colts Neck.  I stayed in the hood with my run, because the boys are home and I wanted to make it quick.  The trees are all in bloom.  Here are two of my favorites in front of the house:

The dogwoods are also blooming:
Even the phlox in the woods is out:
The geese spent the morning crossing back and forth over the street down by the pond:
When I got home, Finn was waiting for me--he wanted to run 5 miles--we ran one; he is fast.  I think he is planning his first 1/2 marathon race.

 And he is off....

My 5 on my own:
Avg Pace
100:09:38 1.00 09:38
200:09:49 1.00 09:49
300:09:54 1.00 09:54
400:09:57 1.00 09:57
500:08:52 0.91 09:46
Run with Finn:
Avg Pace
100:09:47 1.00 09:47

I'm Shipping up to Boston

I'm shipping up to Boston--we'll not me personally--but I will be there in spirit.  I am a new runner and I love it--but I will probably never (or not until I reach the 70 yr + age group) qualify for Boston.  That being said, I LOVE all the hype and I will still work at building my endurance and getting faster.

For those runners who are running tomorrow--i wish you all the best of luck and I hope you enjoy every minute; it really it a wonderful thing to be able to say you BQ'd (is that the right term?).

3 Mile Quickie to shake the legs out:
Avg Pace
100:09:40 1.00 09:40
200:09:17 1.00 09:17
300:09:15 1.00 09:15

Today's song, I'm Shipping up to Boston, Dropkick Murphy's (I love this song):

Don't Pants my Poop

This video gave Conor and I a HUGE laugh prior to running the 1/2.  We had fun saying, "Don't pants my poop" and "Second wind, Baby" during the race yesterday.  Thank you to Runner Dude and his awesome blog of all things running; I have picked up some great tips there.

Kickass 1/2 Marathon Playlist 2

The Show Goes On                         Lupe Fiasco        
Start the Commotion                      The Wiseguys   
Mo Money Mo Problems              The Notorious B.I.G. Featuring Mase & Puff Daddy         
Don't Let's Start                               They Might Be Giants    
Ring-a-Ling                                       Black Eyed Peas               
Shut Up and Let Me Go                 The Ting Tings   
Anything, Anything                       Dramarama       
New Age Girl                                    Deadeye Dick   
Ignition (Remix)                                R. Kelly                          
I'm Shipping Up to Boston            Dropkick Murphys          
Stronger                                            Kanye West       
Where's Your Head At                   Basement Jaxx 
Float On                                             Modest Mouse
Untouched                                        The Veronicas  
Bulletproof                                         La Roux                
Pretty Girl Rock                                 Keri Hilson          
Cupid's Chokehold / Breakfast in America             Gym Class Heroes featuring Patrick Stump          
Jump Around                                     House Of Pain  
Sexual Healing                                   Maxamillion      
Calabria 2007 (Club Mix)                Enur      
Howlin' for You                                 The Black Keys 
Hypnotize                                           The Notorious B.I.G.      
Insane In the Brain                          Cypress Hill        
Jesus Walks                                        Kanye West       
Imma Be                                              Black Eyed Peas                The E.N.D
The Choice Is Yours                         Black Sheep       
Peg O' My Heart                               Dropkick Murphys          
Timebomb                                          Beck     
The Globe                                           Big Audio Dynamite       
Intergalactic                                       Beastie Boys     
The Time (Dirty Bit)                         The Black Eyed Peas      
Rolling In the Deep                          ADELE   21          
Sorry Sorry                                         Rooney                         
Coming Home                                   Diddy - Dirty Money & Skylar Grey          
The Distance                                     Cake     
I Like the Way You Move              Backstage           
Get Me Bodied                                 BeyoncĂ©             
Going Out In Style                           Dropkick Murphys          
B.O.B.                                                 OutKast                Big Boi & Dre Present
Rock This Party                                Bob Sinclar & Cutee B    
Last Cigarette (Demo Version)      Dramarama                       

13.1 Run---My Son is a 1/2 Marathoner

Asbury Park 1/2 this morning (click on the link for Asbury Park; the website is amazing).  It was WINDY and COLD--winds out of the East up to 37 mph.  We knew it was going to be windy, and we revised our race goal to just finish.  I was secretly hoping to beat my last years time and run the race in 2:10-2:15--but I planned on sticking with Conor the whole time.

We picked up race packets last night at Convention Hall--good thing we got there early, because at 5pm when they "officially" opened the line was kinda long and the good FREE loot was gone.  Con and I picked up AWESOME jackets with Tilly on them. I thought they were for sale and I was going to buy on for Conor since this was his first 1/2 and I wanted him to have a memento.  When the lady said she just had to mark our bib--the jackets were FREE--we picked up a couple more for the other racy runners and one sweatshirt.  Here is the jacket:
The race shirts were cool (love Tilly designs), but once again it is a race shirt that I will NEVER wear--why are they sized so BIG.  This was a small (big for even a men's small).  I have a compilation of race shirts that will never be worn--I challenge a race director to make a good technical shirt that actually fits normally. 
Conor of course was THRILLED to sit at Convention Hall as we waited for L to come and pick up her and R's packet.

After packet pickup we headed to Pete and Elda's (aka Carmen's Pizza) in Neptune---the BEST thin crust pizza on the East Coast--yes, you heard it here. Figured we would take this "carb loading" seriously.

Early to bed for us last night after catching up on our DVR'd shows--Modern Family, The Office (Will Farrell--totally hysterical), and Parks and Recreation--which in my mind is a brilliant show.

Up early, coffee in the am is a MUST for me and we both like to eat before we run.  Got to Asbury Park in plenty of time to hit the bathrooms a hundred times before I ran (my secret is out--I go and then immediately get in line again--if not......well, let's just say you would not want to run behind me).

Here I am with fam--waiting...

Met up with L, L, and R--N was there with the Mommy Moves runners. 

I had changed my outfit about 20 times before leaving the house--what to wear was a HUGE guess.  Originally when the weather was supposed to be in the 50s and sunny, I had a running skirts, compression calf sleeves, and arm warmers---that option will have to wait for a warmer day.  Instead I opted for running tights, long sleeve light tech shirt, tech hoodie, ear covers, baseball cap, and gloves.  Turns out the outfit was perfect.  For those that ran in shorts-the wind burn was evident on their legs--burrr.

Here we are starting out:
I made a kicka** playlist (I will post it separately) yesterday for the two of us, so we could keep pace with each other better, and I could not wait for Con to hear it -it worked GREAT.  

We ran a slow/steady pace--slower than I would have liked, but Con was comfortable.  We stopped at a couple of water stations for Con to drink Gatorade (he sweats a lot of salt out) and I gave him 2 Cliff Bloc at mile 4 and 2 at Mile 7.  We also stopped at mile 7 for a bathroom break that took about 4-5 minutes of our race time:(

BUT--we finished in 2:26:45 (according to my Garmin and 2:29 according to the timer--but still waiting for official tag time--we were at the back of the pack when we started out).  All in all a HUGE success.  At mile 11 Con turned to me with a HUGE smile on his face and said, "We got this; we are running a 1/2 marathon"---I felt like a million bucks.
Today's song, I Like the Way You Move, Body Rockers