Trial Run Tomorrow--13 Miles

Con and I are planning on running 13 tomorrow--the race route.  I am just VERY VERY thankful that the rain/sleet/hail is happening today and tomorrow it should be clear (but windy--you know how I feel about the wind).  At the beginning of the week "they" were calling for rain on Saturday and Con and I were bummed.  Our weekends are a MESS now that soccer and LAX seasons have started up again and Sunday we have NO time to sneak a run in.  

We are going to head down to Ocean Grove, North End parking lot, at 10 am tomorrow--wish us luck. 

Our friend Nancy is running her first 1/2 in NYC this weekend.  I know she is going to do GREAT.  

Good Luck to Nancy--Run like a Mother!

Oh my—what has Nancy gone and done?
Nancy is running a marathon

She is headed to the BIG city
Her and her running mates will look real pretty

As they line up at the starting line
Their smiling faces will really shine

We can't wait to hear their tale
But they must run and hit the trail

Who needed to use the honey pot
Was there anything they forgot

Did they run and chitchat
Or did they wish their pre-race meal was non-fat

Racing through Central Park
Did it feel like a lark

How did it feel to finish the race
Finishing must feel like winning first place
A wise friend once told me, "You will never regret the runs you do, only the runs you don't."  So get out there--what are you waiting for.

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