Run for Those Running Boston

After tennis this morning, I really wanted to get a run in for those running Boston this morning.  I DVR'd the race and have not watched it yet--so don't spoil the outcomes for me:)

It is a beautiful spring day here in Colts Neck.  I stayed in the hood with my run, because the boys are home and I wanted to make it quick.  The trees are all in bloom.  Here are two of my favorites in front of the house:

The dogwoods are also blooming:
Even the phlox in the woods is out:
The geese spent the morning crossing back and forth over the street down by the pond:
When I got home, Finn was waiting for me--he wanted to run 5 miles--we ran one; he is fast.  I think he is planning his first 1/2 marathon race.

 And he is off....

My 5 on my own:
Avg Pace
100:09:38 1.00 09:38
200:09:49 1.00 09:49
300:09:54 1.00 09:54
400:09:57 1.00 09:57
500:08:52 0.91 09:46
Run with Finn:
Avg Pace
100:09:47 1.00 09:47

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