Mr. Golden Sun

8 Miles in the SUN!!!!  What a gorgeous day.  Last long run before the 1/2---Con and I headed out after his soccer practice.  Unfortunately for him he learned the hard way that a long run following an hour and 1/2 of soccer and less than 5 hours of sleep = FAIL.  He could not understand why he had to stop at 6.  Had to remind him that if the body isn't fueled with good food and plenty of rest how can we expect it to work for us.

Got him to car and finished off the 8.  We did find a new trail today--and you know I LOVE new trails.

The Henry Hudson can be picked up near our home in Colts Neck and we can get 8-9 off the designated trail but when looking at a map it always appeared as if you could pick up a trail near Boundary Rd (the Rd running between Colts Neck and Marlboro).  A road connecting Boundary and the Henry Hudson trail appears on the map, but I could never find it--until today.  I don't know who owns this property or why there is an old paved road (wider than a trail in some spots) there.  Part of the road lead to the YMCA summer camp--that 11 minute mile was because we came across the hill from HE** (double hockey sticks).  

The other parts of the trail lead out to Boundary--it was SUPER COOL.  Oh yeah---and the best part was I got to wear my running skirt (first time this season).

Avg Pace
100:09:38 1.00 09:38
200:11:00 1.00 11:00
300:10:01 1.00 10:01
400:10:47 1.00 10:47
500:10:54 1.00 10:54
600:10:41 1.00 10:41
700:09:43 1.00 09:43
800:09:53 1.00 09:53

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