It's Sabotage

9 miles on the agenda this morning along with windy cold rain and SNOW--yes, snow here in the NE today.  I was hoping we would be able to sneak a run in before the rain came, but it was raining pretty steady at 7:30 when I was getting ready to go.  I could have easily climbed back into bed.  P decided to stay home and I was waiting to hear from N, when L sent a text letting me know she was coming.  Put the sneaks on and headed to the car.  On the way to Thompson park the rain really started to come down.  L sent another text letting me know she had no rain gear on--it was not looking good.  N had not left the house yet--but was happy to head back to bed when I called.  No run :(  In hindsight, I probably could have gotten 2-3 in, but it would not have been pretty.  The NE wind was picking up and it was cold.

Too late to head back to bed ( I could have really used the sleep--awful insomnia last night), so I ran some errands and grabbed a Starbucks--Yuum (so worth getting out of bed for).  I decided I would attempt the 9 on the treadmill.  I had run long runs on the TM before, but they were never pretty and always tortuous.  Ipod in place, I got going.  Kept it steady and slow and focused on my form.  It is usually the last few miles that are pretty messy ----lose my form and "things" start to hurt.  When I felt twinges in my knee or calves today--I form corrected and really focused.  I felt great--9 miles DONE!

Today's song, It's Sabotage, Beastie Boys

Feeling Jinxed

Still have not found all the lost IDs yet.  I have been slowly replacing them, but the cost and time involved is tortuous.   It seems like I am victim of a string of bad luck--little things that just really bum me out.  Today I was all set to head to the gym for strength training; I go every T & Th and I really look forward to it.  Well Finn gets on the bus and I literally run to my car (or else I am late and have to deal with "space" issues--a class filled with very territorial woman; I will save that post for another day).  I hop in the car and I knew something was off right away when the door light was sooooo dim--no juice-battery dead.  Instead of calling road side assistance, I figured, I would take the day off---I had a lot of stuff planned that will have to be shifted to tomorrow.  Instead--homebound I was---I had tons of computer stuff to do and work that could be completed at home, but I really missed that workout, especially since I did not get one yesterday.  4 miles on the treadmill just did not cut it.

We had our annual Halloween Party for Bosom Buddies yesterday and although I love planning events for the Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Support Group the time involved usually means that I have to turn down work and miss workouts---you know it is the workouts that keep me sane:)  We have a huge event planned for next week---I am really excited! ---we are going to have a full house.  Thankfully we have a GREAT AWESOMELY talented membership who will help make sure the event goes smoothly.
Here was the press release created by a fellow moderator and member:

For Immediate Release: October 20, 2011

Local Moms Group Sponsors Free, Open-to-the-Public Event

Colts Neck Township, NJ The Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Support Group, a free, open-to-the public group for moms and babies, is hosting a November 2nd seminar by local vaccination safety advocate Louse Kuo Habakus, MA.  The seminar is entitled “What Choices Do Parents Have?”  Habakus is Director of the Center for Personal Rights, and co-editor and author of the bestseller book, Vaccine Epidemic.

“Louise is a wonderful presenter.  I learn something new each time I hear Louse speak,” said Cassandra Leahy, RN, MSN, LCCE, IBCLC, founder and moderator of the Bosom Buddies group.  “This seminar is mother and baby friendly and we welcome anyone who may be interested in learning more about vaccinations.”

Habakus is expected to discuss vaccine safety, efficacy, conflicts of interest, vaccination choice, and exemptions. A question and answer session and book signing will follow prepared remarks. Books will be available for purchase, $20 (cash only). For more information about Louise and the book, go to The book is sold on Amazon and in bookstores everywhere.
“When anxious parents are attacked and called anti-vaccine, it’s nothing short of bullying. The vast majority of American parents vaccinate their children. But they are deeply concerned about safety and they want to work with their doctors to make informed decisions. The real debate has always been about choice,” said Louse Kuo Habakus.
The free, open-to-the public event will be held on November 2, 2011, from 11am to 1pm in the Community Center Meeting room at the Colts Neck Public Library, 1 Winthrop Road, Colts Neck.  Due to space limitations, registration is requested; to register, please email Casi Leahy at  Light refreshments will be provided by the Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Support Group.

Bosom Buddies is a free, weekly support group open to all breastfeeding mothers and babies in the Monmouth/Ocean/Middlesex County region.  The group attendees share experiences, discuss concerns, and provide support with all “mothering matters.”  It is a collective group of women who come together to protect, promote, and support breastfeeding.  The group meets Wednesdays from 11am to 12:30pm in the Community Center Meeting room at the Colts Neck Public Library, 1 Winthrop Road, Colts Neck.  For more information and to register for the group, contact Casi Leahy, RN, MSN, LCCE, IBCLC at

I am very thankful that our group can sponsor activities like this one.  As a health care professional, I believe it is always important to hear all sides and try to see all perspectives when faced with any issue.  Parents need to be informed consumers and I do not think that the debate for vaccine safety is over--nor do I want to discourage or punish families looking for answers.  The right to question or be concerned parents should never be discouraged.

Scheduled Runs for Week of October 24th

Racy Runners is a running group for everyone; running towards friendship, commitment, and health.  Come join us--everyone is welcome!
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*Saturday, October 29th
Saturday, October 29th 8am
Thompson Park, Parking lot near Playground
9 miles slow and steady
(if you only want to run 1-2-3-4, you get the picture, we will make sure you only get the mileage you want)
Bring water

Fall Running
Great 8 mile run today with Nikki, read about the new trail we found HERE.
Group run this Saturday at 8am--see side bar for information.  Nikki has work on Sunday and I have a Halloween Party on Saturday night (and running hungover is HARD).  We hope you can join us for a run.

Want to read about my recent running antics, please visit the Racy Runners site HERE.
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Beauty and the Beach is only 13 days away!
I could not generate any interest in a
Ladies Night Out
the evening of the race
---how lame are we:(
but I am hoping I can convince some of you to go for brunch at a diner after the run. 
Just think a nice loaded omelet after
our 5 mile run......YUUUM!

New trails are AWESOME!

Last Sunday when we were having our group run at Thompson, N mentioned she had always wanted to try this trail to see where it goes.  You know I am always up for a new trail adventure.  So today, since N and I were the only ones who showed up for the Sunday long run, we decided to see where the trail went.  We headed down the dirt driveway leading to a beautiful farm house.  I remember thinking, I hope this trail is LONG! However, once we headed into the wooded part of the trail and my quads started screaming, I just hoped I would make it...

We found these cute fellows--must have been the old entrance to one of the farmhouses we ran by

My turn--I got fresh with my little fellow--patting his behind and ringing his bell

N took off down the pretty tree lined trail--we both love when trees line streets like this

Here was the beginning of the trail that enticed us to try out this route
We made it-- 8 miles--it was a perfect running adventure.

We are also attempting a abdomen challenge--everyday before our shower our goal is:

200 situps (today 100 sit ups, 75 crunches)
1 minute high plank (today about 40 seconds)
1 minute high plank with knee touches for obliques (today 50)

---I have my work cut out for me.

Thompson Park Fun Run

This morning S, P, L, N and I met at Thompson for a nice Sunday am run.  What we did not realize was that it was also Thompson Park Day.  They were getting the park all set up for the 11 am starting time--we had plenty of time to get our run in before people started to show up for the event.  What I did not expect was to see A LOT of runners.  Usually N and I are the only ones there (or at least we feel like the only ones).  Today the parking lot was FULL of runners; there were runners visible everywhere warming up and getting out of their cars--LOVED IT!

The 5 of us got started right away and slipped into a nice easy rhythm.  The conversation flowed and the miles flew by too--we did one loop around the park and about a mile in Cross Farms--5.4 miles ---all our runs should go by so smoothly.  N and I headed out for another 2.6 after dropping the ladies off at the parking lot and having a chat.  A total of 8 miles--DONE.

Here is my attempt at taking a photo of our 5 beautiful running shadows--I cannot run and shoot at the same time:

Hills in the Rain

Yesterday I ran 4 mills--Hills and rain were on the agenda.  N was able to meet me and the time flew by.  You know I love to run with friends.  I felt bad because when I talk, I SLOW down and N can run forever always at a steady speed.  I made her walk twice--I know LAME.

My right knee had felt twingy at strength training on Tuesday (from my Sunday 9 miles) and I wore the patellar strap on the run yesterday which always helps; unfortunately what I did not realize is that I must have stressed out my left knee during this run.  All day yesterday my left knee was achy--no pain, but I definitely could not have gone out and run a mile on it.

I am going to take the next few days off and see how I feel Sunday.  I really want a strong 8 on Sunday.

Scheduled Runs for Week of October 10th

Racy Runners is a running group for everyone; running towards friendship, commitment, and health.  Come join us--everyone is welcome!
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*Wednesday, October 12th
Wednesday, October 12 9am
Clover Hill Neighborhood Run, meet at 73 Tulip Lane, Colts Neck, NJ

4 miles HILLS

*Sunday, October 16th
Sunday, October 16th 8am
Thompson Park, Parking lot near Playground
7-8 miles slow and steady

Bring water

*Please email me at
or text me at the morning of the run to let me know if you are coming

How about a Half Marathon to cross off your bucket list?
There are a few of us (Leslie, Rosemarie, Luanne, Nikki, Conor and I) who have run this race before.  It is a beautiful flat course--from Asbury Park to Sea Girt and back in April.  Did I mention it is FLAT?  There is PLENTY of time to train.  This race is a nice local run and not as crowded as the NJ Marathon and Half in Long Branch (which normally takes place a week or two after this one).  Think about it.  I would be happy to help you come up with a realistic training plan and it goes without saying that I would love to run with you on your training runs.
This year the race is on April 21, 2012
Register before December 31st and get a 10% discount
Enter HERE and use the code "return" (no quotes) to get the discount

Another race to keep in mind is the
It takes place November 25th, 11am--the day after Thanksgiving.  5 Miles to run off all that turkey and pumpkin pie.  This is a family friendly race; you will see kids running too.
Click HERE to access the Freehold Running Club's webpage and download an application, or you can easily register the morning of the event.

Want to read about my recent running antics, please visit the Racy Runners site HERE.
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Join us on November 5th for a 5 Mile FUN run/walk.  Come out with all the other Racy Runners.  Register today! What are you waiting for......

This is a great run and bound to be a good time.

Are you already registered?

Here is the list I have so far---there are lots of people missing......

...........I know there are others and lots of maybes--please email me at and let me know if you are running this race.

Hoping to have a Ladies Night out that evening at MJ's in Tinton Falls--does anyone want to help coordinate?

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Our mailing address is:
Racy Runners
Colts Neck, NJ

Birthday Run

Finally got my Birthday run in--Yeah!  I needed this run.  This week was awful.  I could not fit runs in and it was just a weird week --where the BS never stopped heading in my direction.  

I am going to make it my mission to seek out and surround myself with sincere, honest, fun, NOT perfect people (because we know perfect people do not really exist and those who make pretend can stay clear of me)--oh, and can I add non-judgmental.  I do not want to compete with anyone but myself and I certainly do not want to have a "my kid is better than yours" discussion.  I want to be myself without having to guard what I say or do for fear of offending you.  I have opinions and I am well aware they may not be the same as yours, but I love a good debate.  I want friends who just "get me" and take me with the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I am far from perfect and I am no good at make-pretending.

Headed out this morning to clear my head.  It was a PERFECT day for a run.  I had no idea what I was going to do.  I had consumed too much red wine and Thai food last night, so at one point, I thought sticking to the neighborhood where I could easily make a pit stop would be best.  I headed out--my first mile in the neighborhood is always around this one loop.  A slow incline for first .5 miles and then a slow descent--it is a great warm up mile.  I felt great.  I decided to take it out of the neighborhood and see what happens.  I ran to the CN Primary/Elementary School and was grateful for the porta-potty I found there.  I needed a change of scenery so I headed down Heyers Mill Road.  I ran past the golf course and the library.  I ran up Hewlit (I have no idea the correct spelling of that road) and then Crine (praying for my life) to Conover.  At 8.5 miles there was a twinge in my right knee that could not be ignored.
Colts Neck Golf Course--all the sprinklers were on and it looked so cool
I ended up walking .5 mile home--making the total 9 miles.  I feel good.  My knee does not hurt sitting here post run enjoying my Starbucks Venti Soy Latte---life is good!

Help, I have lost something and I feel like I am losing my mind too.

I have always kept the birth certificates, marriage license, my nursing license, and the passports in a "special" spot at home.  I always seem to need the stuff and keeping it all in the bank where it belongs was a huge inconvenience.  Well, in August I needed to copy the boys BC for travel soccer and I must not have put the stash back in my special spot--I must have come up with a new hiding place.  A place so good that I can NOT remember where it is.

I am going crazy--I have been looking since Monday.  I could not even enjoy my birthday yesterday because I am so preoccupied with this loss.  I ran today for the first time since Sunday---this is not how I envisioned my B-day week--I definitely wanted to plan a special run, but I can not get my mind off of finding the lost items.

I have tried everything---scattered looking, organized looking, meditation, a pendulum (yes, a pendulum-don't judge, I am desperate), dreaming, not looking, and prayers to St. Anthony (and I am not religious).  I need to find these things.
I ran today hoping it would help clear my mind after strength training--I ran 3 miles and felt OK--but the missing/lost feelings stayed with me the whole time.  I am sooooo stressed and I just want to find the stuff.

7 Miles with my Running Partner

Headed over to Cross Farms this am for a 7 mile run--a few ladies had asked what time and where I was running during the week (had me questioning the effectiveness of the weekly running email), so I was hoping someone would show up--alas, no one did.  Due to all the rain, I figured the rugby loop and the trails would be too muddy, so I did the figure 8 at Cross Farms until I hit 2 miles and then I wanted to hit the road, but tummy troubles started to hit me first.  Just when I was about to stop for my first BR trip, I ran into N--YEAH!

I love running with N on Sunday morning.  Although she swears I do not hold her back, we slip into a comfortable pace together and push each other to do "more" whether it is pace or mileage.  She makes me a better runner.  She did a loop while I hit the BR and then we went off--we decided to hit the road and along the way saw so doggies, a dead deer, and some beautiful farms.  I learned that N is afraid of dogs, of all sizes--I will remember this next time and form my human shield.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day to run. N--you know you are my running partner.