Help, I have lost something and I feel like I am losing my mind too.

I have always kept the birth certificates, marriage license, my nursing license, and the passports in a "special" spot at home.  I always seem to need the stuff and keeping it all in the bank where it belongs was a huge inconvenience.  Well, in August I needed to copy the boys BC for travel soccer and I must not have put the stash back in my special spot--I must have come up with a new hiding place.  A place so good that I can NOT remember where it is.

I am going crazy--I have been looking since Monday.  I could not even enjoy my birthday yesterday because I am so preoccupied with this loss.  I ran today for the first time since Sunday---this is not how I envisioned my B-day week--I definitely wanted to plan a special run, but I can not get my mind off of finding the lost items.

I have tried everything---scattered looking, organized looking, meditation, a pendulum (yes, a pendulum-don't judge, I am desperate), dreaming, not looking, and prayers to St. Anthony (and I am not religious).  I need to find these things.
I ran today hoping it would help clear my mind after strength training--I ran 3 miles and felt OK--but the missing/lost feelings stayed with me the whole time.  I am sooooo stressed and I just want to find the stuff.

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trifitmom said...

ugh so sorry. hate that feeling, b/c you know you put it somewhere. my only suggestion is to take some time away from it and the thought and start over in a few days. good luck

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