New trails are AWESOME!

Last Sunday when we were having our group run at Thompson, N mentioned she had always wanted to try this trail to see where it goes.  You know I am always up for a new trail adventure.  So today, since N and I were the only ones who showed up for the Sunday long run, we decided to see where the trail went.  We headed down the dirt driveway leading to a beautiful farm house.  I remember thinking, I hope this trail is LONG! However, once we headed into the wooded part of the trail and my quads started screaming, I just hoped I would make it...

We found these cute fellows--must have been the old entrance to one of the farmhouses we ran by

My turn--I got fresh with my little fellow--patting his behind and ringing his bell

N took off down the pretty tree lined trail--we both love when trees line streets like this

Here was the beginning of the trail that enticed us to try out this route
We made it-- 8 miles--it was a perfect running adventure.

We are also attempting a abdomen challenge--everyday before our shower our goal is:

200 situps (today 100 sit ups, 75 crunches)
1 minute high plank (today about 40 seconds)
1 minute high plank with knee touches for obliques (today 50)

---I have my work cut out for me.

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