Hills in the Rain

Yesterday I ran 4 mills--Hills and rain were on the agenda.  N was able to meet me and the time flew by.  You know I love to run with friends.  I felt bad because when I talk, I SLOW down and N can run forever always at a steady speed.  I made her walk twice--I know LAME.

My right knee had felt twingy at strength training on Tuesday (from my Sunday 9 miles) and I wore the patellar strap on the run yesterday which always helps; unfortunately what I did not realize is that I must have stressed out my left knee during this run.  All day yesterday my left knee was achy--no pain, but I definitely could not have gone out and run a mile on it.

I am going to take the next few days off and see how I feel Sunday.  I really want a strong 8 on Sunday.

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