Thompson Park Fun Run

This morning S, P, L, N and I met at Thompson for a nice Sunday am run.  What we did not realize was that it was also Thompson Park Day.  They were getting the park all set up for the 11 am starting time--we had plenty of time to get our run in before people started to show up for the event.  What I did not expect was to see A LOT of runners.  Usually N and I are the only ones there (or at least we feel like the only ones).  Today the parking lot was FULL of runners; there were runners visible everywhere warming up and getting out of their cars--LOVED IT!

The 5 of us got started right away and slipped into a nice easy rhythm.  The conversation flowed and the miles flew by too--we did one loop around the park and about a mile in Cross Farms--5.4 miles ---all our runs should go by so smoothly.  N and I headed out for another 2.6 after dropping the ladies off at the parking lot and having a chat.  A total of 8 miles--DONE.

Here is my attempt at taking a photo of our 5 beautiful running shadows--I cannot run and shoot at the same time:

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