Ahhh to be young again.....

Today was the Ryan's Run 5 K race.  This was the first time I was running this race.  I knew the Kaiser family and I knew the race was for a good cause---but this is the first year that I am "a runner".  Conor agreed to run this race with me a while back and as expected despite having to drag him out of bed and drive him sleepy eyed to the race---he still kicked my butt.  What is up with that---am I destined to be a 9-10 min miler?  

Don't get me wrong, I am aware that my chances of winning (even in my age group) are slim to none--and I am OK with that--I am running for ME and competing only with myself---BUT that being said, I would love to see my times improve.  I ended up having to walk a little in the race---it was so hot and I really fought the nausea back the last mile.  I could honestly envision myself throwing up at the end of the race.  I took a minute or two walk to collect myself and I was fine.

I do regret not pushing myself a little harder for this race and my lack of runs over the last few weeks.  I am going to have to try those early am runs if I want to get the mileage in.

All in all this race was just fun---seeing all the people out there running for RYAN--the families in attendance--and running with my son just made the event perfect.  I also LOVED the fact that there were tons of Mother Runners out there.  Lori Sawyer from Mommy Moves and her training team had inspired an entire group of new mom runners who were out in full force (I want to say at least 25 women or more).  What an inspiring bunch.  I was envious of their comradery--I need a running group!


I Am a Old Lady

Ever since my run on Saturday my right hip (outer) has hurt---all day Sunday I walked with a limp.  I felt ridiculous and silly, but it really hurt and I HAD to limp.  I didn't think I had pulled anything--my 5 mile run on the treadmill on Saturday was not earth shattering (slow and steady)---could it just be I am getting old?

I decided to take a few days off.  I am running a 5K race on Saturday with my son and some other Mother Runners and I want to run it--not walk.  So this week I am sticking to my cross training.  It really looks like my marathon plans for September are not going to materialize.  I know I need a good 16 week training plan and Summer is just not conducive for training---I will keep working at it, but I may need to downgrade that race to a 1/2 and work on a full marathon next Spring (running in the snow/winter was OK with me---I will take snow over this humidity any day). 

Wow--treadmill run not too bad

Normally I HATE running on the treadmill (but I maintain a love/hate relationship with it due to the fact that a mother with 3 small children living in the NE needs the convenience of easy exercise), but today I ran at the Y while the boys were in an ALOHA Mental Math class.  I tried to vary my running pace based on the music beat in my iPod---slow beat--slow jog, faster beat--faster run.  I hit my groove at 3 miles and could have run farther than 5 miles if it were not for the fact that the treadmill turned itself off. 

Felt good today---so strong.  I am 2 weeks into P90X and I am feeling the difference.  I am not sure anyone else would notice, but I do---I am going to wear my bikini proudly this summer:)

Today's song, Avril Lavigne, Girlfriend

It is Friday

Friday always feels better than it's counterparts---there is just something special about a Friday.  Even if you do not have plans for the weekend (or maybe because you do not have plans), there is this feeling of "Ahhhhhh" that washes over me every Friday that comes around.

Today my plan was to get 5 miles in before Tennis.  I had an hour after getting the kids on the bus to sneak the run in--just enough time.  Weeeeeeell---that is not how it went.  This blog should be about how I never stick to what I plan on.  Got caught chatting with some nice ladies and time slipped away.  I was able to sneak in 1.8 miles at Dorbrook before tennis--it felt good, but with the lack of running in my schedule lately, I have self doubts about how far I can run now.  I do want to thank the man in the bright yellow t-shirt who ran by me as if I was walking---he kept me going at a nice steady pace for the mile.  


Here are some of the photos of the Library trail I usually run on Wednesday's.  One thing Colts Neck is not short on are the deer.  To some locals, they are pests, but for me, they are one of the many reasons I choose to live here.  I LOVE them.  There is nothing better than to look out the window and see them meandering in the yard.  This little one was on the running path.  She (yes, she looks like a she to me) stood off the path in the woods, while I snapped the photo.

James Taylor & Carole King - You've Got a Friend

So I have been playing tennis now for about a year and 1/2---have I gotten any better?  Yes, BUT I would still consider myself a newbie.  I truly play for fun and enjoy the other ladies and the chat time.  I really love to play, but I don't really consider it much of a workout (maybe for stronger players it is--but for me it is just fun time).  We have been working with a trainer once a week and today we did great and I got sweaty (that really does not mean anything--I am always sweaty). 

After tennis ran off to group and I had a 3 mile when group finished.  I just got started on the run and I ran into a friend---J jumped right out of her car and joined me for the first 2 miles.  It is always easier to run with a friend.  Finished off with a mile on my own and then headed for home.  Went to hook up garmin to garmin connect and I cannot sync my run--it will connect to dailymile but not garmin connect--(I need my data---glorious data--I am such a geek).  Hopefully someone will pick up to phone soon.......

Lots to do before we head into the city tonight for James Taylor and Carole King.  I am excited---I have always loved James Taylor.

Day 11 P90X

Well it has been 11 days of P90X---fitting it in over the weekend was next to impossible--ended up missing a day--I honestly could not find 1 hour on Saturday to sneak it in.  Ronan had soccer tournament in Pinelands followed by end of the year party in Long Beach Island---meaning had to get up, ready, and out of the house by 8:30 am only to return at 10 pm--spent.

All and all I am liking the program.  I have only done the first 6 CDs since weeks 1-3 is a repeat of the same CDs.  Conor has been working the program with me (not all days, but most days) and I think he really likes it (he is my oldest, 12 yr). 

I have not weighed myself since the start of the program but I am noticing a difference around the waist area (I think--it is kinda hard to tell).  I will probably do a weigh in at 14 days.  Running has been hard with my schedule and the HUMIDITY--in fact I don't think I can sneak a run in until Thursday--how sad is that. 

Well at least I was moving

I had an 8-10 mile run planned this morning and after I got the kids on the bus, I set out.  I think I knew fairly early into this run (possibly even before I started moving that it just was not going to happen).  I am spent--my muscles are soooo tight.  I had high hopes that the run would loosen me up--but it almost seemed to have an opposite effect---I got tighter---and tighter---and eventually felt like my legs could not bend freely. 

I began to bargain with myself from the get go:

1) I will only walk up BIG hills

2) I will SPEED walk--no meandering for me

3) I will run more than I walk

4) I will alternate walk-run

5) and finally----I will keep moving:(----8.34 miles 12:14min/mile

The walk/run was great though, despite my tight legs, I was not in pain and the walk felt like a treat (when did walking stop feeling like exercise?)

I stopped and took a look at the old Montrose School House
I have driven by this site several hundred times and never really recognized the school (which is SUPER COOL)

This photo was taken through the window
One last photo
Then I ran past a house with gargoyles and they actually have a sign on the house "Gargoyle House" you can kind of see the sign behind this gargoyle


Day 7 P90X--Rest

Well it has been 1 week with P90X and I am hooked--I love it.  I have been BRINGING IT big time.  I have not been running as much, but I have a long run planned tomorrow 8-10 (depending on my how the route goes).

Conor has been doing the P90X with me and he is really into it too.  Today was my Rest/Stretch day--but I just had to attend Strength Training at the Y this am (you know I love that class and I have to sneak in as many as possible before the kids are out on Summer vacation).  After class I planned on a 2-3 mile run but ended up running to Starbucks instead--I felt spent and really wanted a Venti Soy Latte (I have been sticking to a high protein diet with the P90X and felt I deserved a treat).  After the latte I decided to go to Cross Farms to see if I could sneak in a mile or two--1.31 miles (how lame am I), 9:39 pace.  Oh well, I'll hit the pavement tomorrow (I will run before P90X and see how that goes).

Today's song, 1901, Phoenix

What a Gorgeous-Perfect Day!

Today is so beautiful.  The humidity has finally broken up here in the NE.  The storm last night blew it all away.  Now, this is the kind of weather I can run in.  I was beginning to think I would need to take a hiatus from running (last week I only ran 2 miles and I thought I was certainly going to go crazy if I could not run).  Today it is 76 sunny with a breeze.  The sky is clear blue and I just had to get out there and GO.

I had run 1.7 on the treadmill as a warm up before SPIN today and although I was tired I wanted to run outside.  I was able to sneak in a run/walk at Cross Farms/Thompson in between work appointments--4.03 miles 10:45 overall pace
Avg Pace
100:09:44 1.00 09:44
200:09:38 1.00 09:38
300:11:58 1.00 11:58
400:11:41 1.00 11:41
500:00:20 0.03 10:19

Here are some photos from the Spring Lake 5 Race, 9,500 entries 

Day 3 P90X---I am sore--in a good way!

I have completed day 3 of P90X today and I am SORE---it feels great.  I really considered myself to be in shape and thought that I would be able to do each routine--but I have to admit some of the exercises are a real struggle--particularly the ab ripper X---I can not wait to see the improvement over the next few weeks.

One thing I am very disappointed about is my lack of running this week and low mileage the last few weeks.  The heat and humidity here have been KILLER and I have always been the type to overheat easily--as a child I do not think there is an amusement park I have not passed out--felt like I was going to pass out--or have not gotten nauseous in during the summer.  Over hydrating makes no difference.

Oh--I forgot to mention, when I finished the Spring Lake 5 last weekend--one of the medics at the end of the race approached me and wanted me to go to the medic tent for oxygen---I told you I get red and really sweaty---I guess I will just have to add him to the list as one of the many people thinking I need CPR when I exercise.

Am I ready to BRING IT?

Less than 4 weeks of school left and I have been giving a lot of thought into how I plan on getting the workouts in around the kids/work/life---sure I can run before the sun comes up--but I have this sneaking suspicion that these early morning runs sound better on paper and the chances of me "talking myself" out of those runs are probably very high.

So I came across a post of a fellow blogger a few weeks ago, Racing With Babes, where the program P90X was mentioned.  You know that oddity where you hear a name or a phrase for the first time then all of a sudden you are hearing it EVERYWHERE.  Well, that is what happened.  I had never heard of P90X, a diet and nutrition program from Beachbody, and now it seems like everyone is talking about it and/or doing it.  They even have a facebook fanpage--check it out,

The pictures people are posting of their "transformation" are incredibly motivating.  I started looking at this program as a scam--can anything good come from an infomercial--but I have to say I am more than intrigued--in fact, I am ready to BRING IT.  That is right I am going to take the P90X -90 day challenge.  I am going to do the best I can--sticking to the exercise and diet regimen for 90 days and I will keep you posted of the results.  Why---I really really want to tone up and lose that extra 10-15 lbs that everyone else says they don't notice--but I certainly do.  I want my clothes TO FIT!  I am hoping that running faster and longer will be an additional perk.

I have been bulking up on my protein and working on cutting down on carbs (don't worry my love affair with carbs precludes me from cutting them out completely); although, I pride myself on being a health nut junky--no empty carbs, no hydrogenated oils, no meat, limited dairy---there is ALWAYS room for improvement. My weaknesses are nachos, pizza, and wine.

I kicked it up a notch today in Strength Training, but I slacked off on the run.  The heat and humidity are killing me (you can feel the thunder showers in the air).  Ended up with .5 walk and 1.5 run at 9:33 pace.

Today's song, Katy Perry, California Girls (song only, no video)

I Heart Paula Radcliffe

I read a great article this morning about Paula Radcliffe and I cannot stop thinking about it.  The first time I ever heard of Paula Radcliffe was while watching this year's NYC Marathon.  I know---I know--had I been living under a rock---No, remember, I am a NEW RUNNER and prior to August 2009 I thought all runners were crazy and paid them no attention what so ever.

Well all that has changed.  Watching the NYC Marathon--I was overwhelmed with emotion and teary eyed getting caught up in the race.  I paid particular attention to the women runners (I am hugely motivated by the premise of "if they can do it--why can't I").  I loved hearing about Paula and Tulu and the other women out there--these were women my age--mothers.  Watching them run was wonderful; I was in love. Then I read the book "A Race Like No Other" by Liz Robbins and fell in love even more.

So this morning when I came across an article about Paula who is pregnant with her second child and running 14 miles/day--I was thrilled.  I knew I liked her.