Wow--treadmill run not too bad

Normally I HATE running on the treadmill (but I maintain a love/hate relationship with it due to the fact that a mother with 3 small children living in the NE needs the convenience of easy exercise), but today I ran at the Y while the boys were in an ALOHA Mental Math class.  I tried to vary my running pace based on the music beat in my iPod---slow beat--slow jog, faster beat--faster run.  I hit my groove at 3 miles and could have run farther than 5 miles if it were not for the fact that the treadmill turned itself off. 

Felt good today---so strong.  I am 2 weeks into P90X and I am feeling the difference.  I am not sure anyone else would notice, but I do---I am going to wear my bikini proudly this summer:)

Today's song, Avril Lavigne, Girlfriend

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Emz said...

YAY for you!!

1. feeling strong [is there anything better?!]
2. an awesome treadmill run [I LOVE that]
3. Proud bikini wearer! [awesome]

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