James Taylor & Carole King - You've Got a Friend

So I have been playing tennis now for about a year and 1/2---have I gotten any better?  Yes, BUT I would still consider myself a newbie.  I truly play for fun and enjoy the other ladies and the chat time.  I really love to play, but I don't really consider it much of a workout (maybe for stronger players it is--but for me it is just fun time).  We have been working with a trainer once a week and today we did great and I got sweaty (that really does not mean anything--I am always sweaty). 

After tennis ran off to group and I had a 3 mile when group finished.  I just got started on the run and I ran into a friend---J jumped right out of her car and joined me for the first 2 miles.  It is always easier to run with a friend.  Finished off with a mile on my own and then headed for home.  Went to hook up garmin to garmin connect and I cannot sync my run--it will connect to dailymile but not garmin connect--(I need my data---glorious data--I am such a geek).  Hopefully someone will pick up to phone soon.......

Lots to do before we head into the city tonight for James Taylor and Carole King.  I am excited---I have always loved James Taylor.

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Emz said...

I love - love - LOVE james taylor. "Shower the people". MY FAV!

Good job on the run after tennis! I'd love to start playing tennis.

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