Am I ready to BRING IT?

Less than 4 weeks of school left and I have been giving a lot of thought into how I plan on getting the workouts in around the kids/work/life---sure I can run before the sun comes up--but I have this sneaking suspicion that these early morning runs sound better on paper and the chances of me "talking myself" out of those runs are probably very high.

So I came across a post of a fellow blogger a few weeks ago, Racing With Babes, where the program P90X was mentioned.  You know that oddity where you hear a name or a phrase for the first time then all of a sudden you are hearing it EVERYWHERE.  Well, that is what happened.  I had never heard of P90X, a diet and nutrition program from Beachbody, and now it seems like everyone is talking about it and/or doing it.  They even have a facebook fanpage--check it out,

The pictures people are posting of their "transformation" are incredibly motivating.  I started looking at this program as a scam--can anything good come from an infomercial--but I have to say I am more than intrigued--in fact, I am ready to BRING IT.  That is right I am going to take the P90X -90 day challenge.  I am going to do the best I can--sticking to the exercise and diet regimen for 90 days and I will keep you posted of the results.  Why---I really really want to tone up and lose that extra 10-15 lbs that everyone else says they don't notice--but I certainly do.  I want my clothes TO FIT!  I am hoping that running faster and longer will be an additional perk.

I have been bulking up on my protein and working on cutting down on carbs (don't worry my love affair with carbs precludes me from cutting them out completely); although, I pride myself on being a health nut junky--no empty carbs, no hydrogenated oils, no meat, limited dairy---there is ALWAYS room for improvement. My weaknesses are nachos, pizza, and wine.

I kicked it up a notch today in Strength Training, but I slacked off on the run.  The heat and humidity are killing me (you can feel the thunder showers in the air).  Ended up with .5 walk and 1.5 run at 9:33 pace.

Today's song, Katy Perry, California Girls (song only, no video)

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