Well at least I was moving

I had an 8-10 mile run planned this morning and after I got the kids on the bus, I set out.  I think I knew fairly early into this run (possibly even before I started moving that it just was not going to happen).  I am spent--my muscles are soooo tight.  I had high hopes that the run would loosen me up--but it almost seemed to have an opposite effect---I got tighter---and tighter---and eventually felt like my legs could not bend freely. 

I began to bargain with myself from the get go:

1) I will only walk up BIG hills

2) I will SPEED walk--no meandering for me

3) I will run more than I walk

4) I will alternate walk-run

5) and finally----I will keep moving:(----8.34 miles 12:14min/mile

The walk/run was great though, despite my tight legs, I was not in pain and the walk felt like a treat (when did walking stop feeling like exercise?)

I stopped and took a look at the old Montrose School House
I have driven by this site several hundred times and never really recognized the school (which is SUPER COOL)

This photo was taken through the window
One last photo
Then I ran past a house with gargoyles and they actually have a sign on the house "Gargoyle House" you can kind of see the sign behind this gargoyle



Emz said...

great photos !

Love it!

Yay for a "lossen the legs" run - we alllllll have them!

Sunflower Kisses said...

Love the pictures!

Evolving Through Running said...

Love the gargoyle pic, and the mid-run bargaining session. I've definitely conducted some negotiations on the fly while my body protests.
Curious to hear about your P90X experience. I know a few people who have tried it, and they either loved it or hated it, but few made it all the way through 90 days. I'd love to give it a shot, but can't seem to get my body healthy enough to do much of anything these days. Ibuprofen is my friend.

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