I Am a Old Lady

Ever since my run on Saturday my right hip (outer) has hurt---all day Sunday I walked with a limp.  I felt ridiculous and silly, but it really hurt and I HAD to limp.  I didn't think I had pulled anything--my 5 mile run on the treadmill on Saturday was not earth shattering (slow and steady)---could it just be I am getting old?

I decided to take a few days off.  I am running a 5K race on Saturday with my son and some other Mother Runners and I want to run it--not walk.  So this week I am sticking to my cross training.  It really looks like my marathon plans for September are not going to materialize.  I know I need a good 16 week training plan and Summer is just not conducive for training---I will keep working at it, but I may need to downgrade that race to a 1/2 and work on a full marathon next Spring (running in the snow/winter was OK with me---I will take snow over this humidity any day). 

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