I Heart Paula Radcliffe

I read a great article this morning about Paula Radcliffe and I cannot stop thinking about it.  The first time I ever heard of Paula Radcliffe was while watching this year's NYC Marathon.  I know---I know--had I been living under a rock---No, remember, I am a NEW RUNNER and prior to August 2009 I thought all runners were crazy and paid them no attention what so ever.

Well all that has changed.  Watching the NYC Marathon--I was overwhelmed with emotion and teary eyed getting caught up in the race.  I paid particular attention to the women runners (I am hugely motivated by the premise of "if they can do it--why can't I").  I loved hearing about Paula and Tulu and the other women out there--these were women my age--mothers.  Watching them run was wonderful; I was in love. Then I read the book "A Race Like No Other" by Liz Robbins and fell in love even more.

So this morning when I came across an article about Paula who is pregnant with her second child and running 14 miles/day--I was thrilled.  I knew I liked her.


Xavi Garcia said...

Wow....great athlete!

Cheers from Hong KOng!

"XTB"Xavi...but is it really healthy so much running while pregnant? no idea...

Racy Runner said...

Thanks for the comment.

Pregnancy is not an illness; it is normal and natural:) Activity is as tolerated--for an elite runner a 7 mile run in the am and pm are just a "walk in the park"--gotta love that. Most likely she will slow down even more as her pregnancy progresses.

In the past women were instructed to "take it easy" and running was considered to be contraindicated with pregnancy--but we know too much now:)

Currently women are encouraged to exercise at least "30 minutes/day on most days" according to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) here in US, http://www.acog.org/publications/patient_education/bp119.cfm --on average, women who exercise do better with pregnancy and delivery:)

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