Day 11 P90X

Well it has been 11 days of P90X---fitting it in over the weekend was next to impossible--ended up missing a day--I honestly could not find 1 hour on Saturday to sneak it in.  Ronan had soccer tournament in Pinelands followed by end of the year party in Long Beach Island---meaning had to get up, ready, and out of the house by 8:30 am only to return at 10 pm--spent.

All and all I am liking the program.  I have only done the first 6 CDs since weeks 1-3 is a repeat of the same CDs.  Conor has been working the program with me (not all days, but most days) and I think he really likes it (he is my oldest, 12 yr). 

I have not weighed myself since the start of the program but I am noticing a difference around the waist area (I think--it is kinda hard to tell).  I will probably do a weigh in at 14 days.  Running has been hard with my schedule and the HUMIDITY--in fact I don't think I can sneak a run in until Thursday--how sad is that. 

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