6.9 Miles but Felt Like 10

New Years Eve Morning Run this morning with N and L.  I love these ladies.  

I was sick the last 2 days again (I was sick 2 weeks ago too) and I never get sick.  I pride myself of taking my vitamin d and oil of oregano to avoid colds/flu in the fall and winter months, but there was no avoiding the cold this time around--the house is contaminated.  Finn was sick for the last month with a bad cold and the day after x-mas Ray, my hubby, came down with a cold--which in husband terms means out of commission entirely for 3 days.  Finn and Ronan were soon to follow and Conor and I thought we escaped......we were wrong.  

Sinus colds are the worst for me and I always worry about them turning into bronchitis (I suffered from chronic asthma as a child--I have taken control over my health through healthy living choices as an adult and have not had an asthma episode or used an inhaler in the last 14 years).  I bulked up on the vitamin D, Chlorella, and spirolina the last few days.  I HATE feeling sick.  I did back out of a dinner that I was really looking forward to (I also missed a holiday party that I was looking forward to two weeks ago)--I hate missing these social things because Ray and I NEVER go anywhere or do adult stuff.  Sure we go out to eat and stuff  but with our kids not with other adults.....I was looking forward to an adult chit-chat dinner.  Hopefully our friends will invite us again.

I did head out for a run this am.  I was not sure how I would do.  I took a rest day yesterday--no exercise at all (totally bummed--only 3 days into P90X2 and Con and I just could not do it---we were both completely out of it yesterday).  I met N and L and warned them that this run may not be pretty.  I was prepared to let them go ahead of me--I really did not want to hold them back.

We started out doing the 4.5 mile loop at Thompson but about 1 mile into the run we saw two older men run out of the woods from a trail.  I thought I knew where this trail would lead and we decided to head off the paved path and into the woods.  Turns out this was a new trail to us--YEAH!  I love that we can run at Thompson park and always find something new.  I also loved that we had changed our route--I needed the distraction of a new path and the slower trail pace was good for me. We took the trail to the reservoir trail and stuck to the trails for most of the run.  It made for a slower pace but a tougher run.  I am convinced that 2 miles of the run was a slow incline.  My quads and gluts were feeling it--in a good way.

We ended up with 6.9 miles but it truly felt like we ran 10.  I really do want to try for 10 next week.....

Asbury Park 1/2 Marathon Training Plan 2012

I created this training plan for my son.  This will be the second 1/2 Marathon he is training for.  The schedule is flexible; for example, long runs on Sunday can be moved to Saturday and vice versa with the weekly runs.

Gusty Wind but Sunny and Unseasonably Warm--I'll take it!

Conor and I got P90X2 from Santa and we could not wait to get started.  Yesterday we did Core X2 and today is Plyocide (sounds intense).  Tony is cheesy but we love him and the workouts are great.  I wanted to get a short run in today but Con slept so late (teenager) so finally I charged out without him.  It was windy out there today and I had to struggle to keep my cap on, but it was sunny and warm for this time of the year--so I'll take it.  I kept thinking about how last year we had the blizzard and we were housebound due to the 22 inches of snow.  This year we are housebound because we are lazy; although, I do plan on heading out for some Starbucks coffee in a few minutes:)

I saw The Artist last night, it was amazing.  The filming was brilliant and I love the use and lack of sound.  Here is the trailer:

1000 Miles--Goal Accomplished!

One of my running goals for 2011 was to run 1000 miles---DONE!  I hope everyone is enjoying the week--I took the week off from work and the kids and I have been veggin since the Christmas Holiday, enjoying all the fun stuff Santa brought.

I am in the process of converting all the computers to Apple--geek heaven.  There is going to be some adjustment but so far I am having a ball.  The iMac is beautiful, the 27inch screen makes me want to cry tears of joy, and the mac pro is a dream.  Now I just have to figure out how to transfer the data I need and I would love to get "home sharing" for iTunes working between all our apple devices--any suggestions?  I can see the music on the iPhone and iPad but not my playlists and unless my old laptop is on and iTunes is open I can't see home share on the mac pro---oh well, I will figure it out.

P.S. This is the first time post run that I uploaded to Garmin Connect and the laptop did not freeze or go to the Blue Screen of Death (BSD)

Last Run

4 mi
00:39 /09:48 pace

Week Miles
2011 Miles
1000 mi
Total Miles
1725 mi

First Annual Christmas Eve Morning Run

Met a great group of ladies this morning for our first ever annual Christmas Eve morning run.  Nikki had brought 2 friends with her, A and C,  and a friend of mine L came to meet us for the first time.  The weather was seasonal today--low 30 degrees, but it has been so unseasonable warm lately--this was the first colder run I have had.  I dressed in layers and felt comfortable the whole run.  I wore my Lululemon Run Your Heart Out Pullover; my early Christmas present--the lightweight luon fabric was perfect top layer (I was worried that I would get too hot).  I have this pullover in heather plum and black, but they do not look as good on me as this model (perhaps it has something to do with my inability to fill out the top:).

I was worried about how I would feel since the last long run with Nikki 2 weeks ago was a disaster for me--we kept a nice pace and chit chatted the whole time (that always helps).  We got back to the parking lot at 4.88 mile and dropped L off to meet her family--they were going for a bike ride and swapping cars and little ones--how great is that.

Nikki and I headed out for a wee bit more and ended up with 7.21 miles today.  The sun was shinning and there were LOTS of runners out there--I declare the first annual Christmas Eve Morning run a HUGE success!

Running in December in a skirt!

Just finished a great 3 mile run.  I had run 1.5 miles on the TM before Finn got on the bus and I knew I was going to take a short run after he got on the bus--but who knew how gorgeous it is outside!  It is AMAZING.  It is 50 degrees here in the NE today on December 22.  I ran in a skirt and I was HOT.

I wish I had time for a long run today, but alas with Christmas almost here there is too much to do. 

A 5 K to start your day!

I have been attempting to run a 5 K in the morning before my youngest gets on the bus for school.  Yes, running on the treadmill (TM) is not my thing, but I am trying to make it my thing.  Once the boys go off to school I get wrapped up with work and life and do not always get to sneak my run in.  At least with this approach, I am getting 3 miles in/day.  

I wanted to run 6 today, but after running 3 and getting Finn on the bus, I ended up trying to clean a wee bit before Breastfeeding Support Group.  In hindsight, I should have just jumped back on the TM...the house is still a mess!

Christmas Eve Run

Racy Runners is a running group for everyone; running towards friendship, commitment, and health.  Come join us--everyone is welcome!
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Happy Holiday!

*Saturday, December 24th
Thompson, parking lot near playground
8 am

Please text or email me the morning of so I know you are coming (if there are any changes due to weather or life, I have a list of who to contact)--Thanks!

  Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you want to arrange a run together any other time.

Christmas Eve Run:
Saturday, December 24th, 8am at Thompson (meet at parking lot near playground)

Come join Nikki and I on Saturday morning for a Christmas Eve run.  Start your holiday doing something just for YOU--think of how great the rest of the day will feel after getting that run in.  We hope you can join us.  Don't worry about distance or pace--this run is for FUN and we will try to accommodate everyone.

After the New Year, I plan on sending only occasional emails.  Nikki and I will post upcoming runs on the Racy Runner facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Racy-Runners/200952509938776 and I may send out a monthly list of long runs; I feel like I am spamming all of you and facebook may be the best way to communicate.  Plus it will be easier to plan impromptu runs during the week through facebook.

If you can't join us Saturday, I wish you all a Happy Holiday and Wonderful New Year!
Want to read about my recent running antics, please visit the Racy Runners site HERE.
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5 K before the bus and 5 K after--at least I got it in

I am pressed for time today.  The Bosom Buddies group is decorating bags for the Holiday Express and we are having an impromptu Holiday Party--I have to pick up the pizzas:) I really wanted to get a moderate run in outside this morning, but I knew that was not going to happen, so I had to improvise.

I ran before Finn had to get on the bus and then I got another 3 in after he left---at least I got to run...

P.S. Here is my way of being able to use my iPad while on the TM--not ideal, but it does the trick.

Running Off the Winter Weight

Racy Runners is a running group for everyone; running towards friendship, commitment, and health.  Come join us--everyone is welcome!
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Upcoming LONG Group Runs for month of December.

*Saturday, December 17th
Thompson Park (meet at parking lot near playground)
8 am

*Saturday, December 24th
Location TBA--I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of a Chistmas Eve Run!
8 am

Please text or email me the morning of so I know you are coming (if there are any changes due to weather or life, I have a list of who to contact)--Thanks!

  Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you want to arrange a run together any other time.

Running Off the Extra Weight
(with the priority being health, of course)

I don't know about you, but I know that if I could lose that couple of extra pounds (who am I kidding, it is more than a couple), I would feel better.  Having a muffin top is nothing to be thrilled about and if I were even just a wee bit lighter, I would improve my running economy.  I have come to the realization that weight loss is 70% DIET and 30% EXERCISE--and the type of exercise you do matters.  Runners, especially women, do not always lose those stubborn pounds they want to.  Sure, if you have a lot of weight to lose the pounds will come off as you begin your new exercise regimen, but when it comes down to those last 10-15 pounds, our bodies can grow reluctant to shed. In fact some women training for a running event will actually gain weight.

Diet is CRUCIAL.  I won't go into details but here are a couple good tips:

* Don't drink your calories-eat your fruit, don't drink it (this includes alcohol)
* No empty calories--eat foods with a purpose; avoid your cakes, cookies, chips, etc...
* If you are indulging, keep your portions small.  A couple of bites of a cake may satisfy your craving.  Keep some GOOD dark chocolate around; it is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without going overboard
* More FRUITS & VEGETABLES---providing you extra fluid and fiber so you feel full and satisfied
* Make it a family affair.  Kids learn from example and motivating each other to eat healthier can be fun or create a "Biggest Loser" competition with your spouse, family or friends with everyone contributing to the kitty
* No one is perfect--allow yourself a cheat day every now and then.  Some people like at least one cheat day a week--for me this is my Friday night PIZZA; I can't live without it

Exercise tips:
* All running is probably not the best way to go--you need to MIX IT UP
* It is your LONG SLOW run that is your calorie burner--keep your pace 1-2 minutes slower than normal.  Faster paces or high intensity (sprints) help build your anaerobic threshold but anaerobic exercise is a less efficient process and does not lead to fat burning, while an aerobic pace, a slow endurance run, will ultimately help burn fat
* Weights--the heavier the better-- helps you burn more calories throughout the day; strength training helps build your anaerobic capacity
* Cardio-try other forms of cardio to mix it up--a good spin class will definitely help you sweat out all those toxins
* Yoga-hot yoga, Pilates, or just a basic class to help stretch you out
* High intensity interval training (HIIT) helps to burn body fat; although, this is almost the opposite of your long slow run, research is showing that if you mix the high intensity with a shorter lower intensity recovery and repeat the process you can increase your resting metabolic rate--burning fat

So why don't you jump start your weight loss and come and join us Saturday, December 17th at 8am at Thompson for a LONG run:)
Want to read about my recent running antics, please visit the Racy Runners site HERE.
Please remember you can forward this email on to a friend or unsubscribe at the bottom of the page (you will not hurt my feelings if you unsubscribe--gone from the distribution list but not my heart).

I am not going to lie--this was TOUGH!

I knew in the first mile today that this was going to be a tough one.  I had been looking forward to this run all week.  I met N and her friend T at YMCA Camp Arrowhead to run the Henry Hudson trail today.  9 miles was on the agenda.  We started out strong, but when I was coming to the realization that I had to slow down if I wanted to get this run done--I could see these ladies were ready to GO.  This is an out and back course, so I told them to go ahead with out me.  My right glut was still acting up and I knew I needed to take at least a minute off my pace time. 

I would have hated to hold them back.  I tried to keep them in my sight but soon they were just little dots up ahead.
I turned up my iPod and tried to move to the beat.  I really need to muscle through this run.  Thankfully I had some slower paced songs on my iPod.  Jane Says by Jane's Addiction helped me keep moving:
Wanted 9--got 8.5 miles with 11:11 pace--I know SLOW-but at least I kept moving.  At 7.7 miles my right knee HURT--BIG PAIN (my glut was achy; I must not have had good form and subsequently my knee was suffering).  Now, sitting post run writing this I smell like Bengay--I love this smell!


My left calf acted up in my long run this Sunday and I think because I was compensating--my right glut is now crying out for attention.  I broke down and applied some topical NSAID cream yesterday and it seemed to help.  I took it easy yesterday with a 1.5 mile warm up pre-spin and upped my gears but kept my butt in the seat during spin (every time I stood in position 2 & 3 my right hip/glut area hurt). 

I was worried about how I would feel strength training this morning since it usually entails a lot of squats--but I felt great.  I had some work stuff to do after the Y so I postponed my run until after lunch--yes, not the best strategy but I was only planning on 3 miles.  I got the three miles--I have an ache in the right hip area, but post shower I think I will apply more of that magical cream.

P.S. the pain patches (Salonpas) I usually use and LOVE were not available at Target so I had to buy their generic cream which worked just fine. 

8 Miles Never Felt So Good

Despite my calf acting up on this mornings run (it did not announce itself until mile 6), this was a great 8 miles run.  I met N and S at Thompson this morning.  It was a brisk morning, but not too cold, 41 degrees.  N wore short sleeves:)  We headed out planning to do 5-6 and then head back to the car to drop off S and N and I would head out again.  We ran in sync with each other and easily kept a 10:30 pace. 

When we hit mile 5, I made the suggestion of running the 1.5 mile reservoir trail.  Although I do not think it was N or S' cup of tea--these ladies humored me and off we went on the trail.  The trail slowed our pace by 1 to 1.5 min/mile but it was definitely a harder run.  Of course I loved it:)  I really do love trail running and I wish there were more accessible trails in this area. 

Here are S & N running the trail:

Coming off the trail we hit the rugby loop and got S back to her car at 6.5 miles.  After refueling and convincing S and she should finish the run with us, we headed back out and got another 1.5 miles in--8 miles with great conversation--DONE!

I love running with these ladies--it makes getting that LONG run in sooooooooo much easier.