Running Off the Winter Weight

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Upcoming LONG Group Runs for month of December.

*Saturday, December 17th
Thompson Park (meet at parking lot near playground)
8 am

*Saturday, December 24th
Location TBA--I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of a Chistmas Eve Run!
8 am

Please text or email me the morning of so I know you are coming (if there are any changes due to weather or life, I have a list of who to contact)--Thanks!

  Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you want to arrange a run together any other time.

Running Off the Extra Weight
(with the priority being health, of course)

I don't know about you, but I know that if I could lose that couple of extra pounds (who am I kidding, it is more than a couple), I would feel better.  Having a muffin top is nothing to be thrilled about and if I were even just a wee bit lighter, I would improve my running economy.  I have come to the realization that weight loss is 70% DIET and 30% EXERCISE--and the type of exercise you do matters.  Runners, especially women, do not always lose those stubborn pounds they want to.  Sure, if you have a lot of weight to lose the pounds will come off as you begin your new exercise regimen, but when it comes down to those last 10-15 pounds, our bodies can grow reluctant to shed. In fact some women training for a running event will actually gain weight.

Diet is CRUCIAL.  I won't go into details but here are a couple good tips:

* Don't drink your calories-eat your fruit, don't drink it (this includes alcohol)
* No empty calories--eat foods with a purpose; avoid your cakes, cookies, chips, etc...
* If you are indulging, keep your portions small.  A couple of bites of a cake may satisfy your craving.  Keep some GOOD dark chocolate around; it is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without going overboard
* More FRUITS & VEGETABLES---providing you extra fluid and fiber so you feel full and satisfied
* Make it a family affair.  Kids learn from example and motivating each other to eat healthier can be fun or create a "Biggest Loser" competition with your spouse, family or friends with everyone contributing to the kitty
* No one is perfect--allow yourself a cheat day every now and then.  Some people like at least one cheat day a week--for me this is my Friday night PIZZA; I can't live without it

Exercise tips:
* All running is probably not the best way to go--you need to MIX IT UP
* It is your LONG SLOW run that is your calorie burner--keep your pace 1-2 minutes slower than normal.  Faster paces or high intensity (sprints) help build your anaerobic threshold but anaerobic exercise is a less efficient process and does not lead to fat burning, while an aerobic pace, a slow endurance run, will ultimately help burn fat
* Weights--the heavier the better-- helps you burn more calories throughout the day; strength training helps build your anaerobic capacity
* Cardio-try other forms of cardio to mix it up--a good spin class will definitely help you sweat out all those toxins
* Yoga-hot yoga, Pilates, or just a basic class to help stretch you out
* High intensity interval training (HIIT) helps to burn body fat; although, this is almost the opposite of your long slow run, research is showing that if you mix the high intensity with a shorter lower intensity recovery and repeat the process you can increase your resting metabolic rate--burning fat

So why don't you jump start your weight loss and come and join us Saturday, December 17th at 8am at Thompson for a LONG run:)
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