First Annual Christmas Eve Morning Run

Met a great group of ladies this morning for our first ever annual Christmas Eve morning run.  Nikki had brought 2 friends with her, A and C,  and a friend of mine L came to meet us for the first time.  The weather was seasonal today--low 30 degrees, but it has been so unseasonable warm lately--this was the first colder run I have had.  I dressed in layers and felt comfortable the whole run.  I wore my Lululemon Run Your Heart Out Pullover; my early Christmas present--the lightweight luon fabric was perfect top layer (I was worried that I would get too hot).  I have this pullover in heather plum and black, but they do not look as good on me as this model (perhaps it has something to do with my inability to fill out the top:).

I was worried about how I would feel since the last long run with Nikki 2 weeks ago was a disaster for me--we kept a nice pace and chit chatted the whole time (that always helps).  We got back to the parking lot at 4.88 mile and dropped L off to meet her family--they were going for a bike ride and swapping cars and little ones--how great is that.

Nikki and I headed out for a wee bit more and ended up with 7.21 miles today.  The sun was shinning and there were LOTS of runners out there--I declare the first annual Christmas Eve Morning run a HUGE success!

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