8 Miles Never Felt So Good

Despite my calf acting up on this mornings run (it did not announce itself until mile 6), this was a great 8 miles run.  I met N and S at Thompson this morning.  It was a brisk morning, but not too cold, 41 degrees.  N wore short sleeves:)  We headed out planning to do 5-6 and then head back to the car to drop off S and N and I would head out again.  We ran in sync with each other and easily kept a 10:30 pace. 

When we hit mile 5, I made the suggestion of running the 1.5 mile reservoir trail.  Although I do not think it was N or S' cup of tea--these ladies humored me and off we went on the trail.  The trail slowed our pace by 1 to 1.5 min/mile but it was definitely a harder run.  Of course I loved it:)  I really do love trail running and I wish there were more accessible trails in this area. 

Here are S & N running the trail:

Coming off the trail we hit the rugby loop and got S back to her car at 6.5 miles.  After refueling and convincing S and she should finish the run with us, we headed back out and got another 1.5 miles in--8 miles with great conversation--DONE!

I love running with these ladies--it makes getting that LONG run in sooooooooo much easier.


Valiant said...

Shark River Park has great trails! So does Heartshorne Park in Atlantic Highlands! The views at Hartshorne are amazing. You guys should have a go at running there!

Racy Runner said...

Thanks for the tips. I have run at Hartshorne Woods before but I definitely did not get to see all the trails there (the one my son and I took was more hiking than running:), but we did not know where we were going and we were thankful just to make it back to the car. I will check out Shark River Park and give Hartshorne another try--maybe another entrance.

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