6.9 Miles but Felt Like 10

New Years Eve Morning Run this morning with N and L.  I love these ladies.  

I was sick the last 2 days again (I was sick 2 weeks ago too) and I never get sick.  I pride myself of taking my vitamin d and oil of oregano to avoid colds/flu in the fall and winter months, but there was no avoiding the cold this time around--the house is contaminated.  Finn was sick for the last month with a bad cold and the day after x-mas Ray, my hubby, came down with a cold--which in husband terms means out of commission entirely for 3 days.  Finn and Ronan were soon to follow and Conor and I thought we escaped......we were wrong.  

Sinus colds are the worst for me and I always worry about them turning into bronchitis (I suffered from chronic asthma as a child--I have taken control over my health through healthy living choices as an adult and have not had an asthma episode or used an inhaler in the last 14 years).  I bulked up on the vitamin D, Chlorella, and spirolina the last few days.  I HATE feeling sick.  I did back out of a dinner that I was really looking forward to (I also missed a holiday party that I was looking forward to two weeks ago)--I hate missing these social things because Ray and I NEVER go anywhere or do adult stuff.  Sure we go out to eat and stuff  but with our kids not with other adults.....I was looking forward to an adult chit-chat dinner.  Hopefully our friends will invite us again.

I did head out for a run this am.  I was not sure how I would do.  I took a rest day yesterday--no exercise at all (totally bummed--only 3 days into P90X2 and Con and I just could not do it---we were both completely out of it yesterday).  I met N and L and warned them that this run may not be pretty.  I was prepared to let them go ahead of me--I really did not want to hold them back.

We started out doing the 4.5 mile loop at Thompson but about 1 mile into the run we saw two older men run out of the woods from a trail.  I thought I knew where this trail would lead and we decided to head off the paved path and into the woods.  Turns out this was a new trail to us--YEAH!  I love that we can run at Thompson park and always find something new.  I also loved that we had changed our route--I needed the distraction of a new path and the slower trail pace was good for me. We took the trail to the reservoir trail and stuck to the trails for most of the run.  It made for a slower pace but a tougher run.  I am convinced that 2 miles of the run was a slow incline.  My quads and gluts were feeling it--in a good way.

We ended up with 6.9 miles but it truly felt like we ran 10.  I really do want to try for 10 next week.....

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