My left calf acted up in my long run this Sunday and I think because I was compensating--my right glut is now crying out for attention.  I broke down and applied some topical NSAID cream yesterday and it seemed to help.  I took it easy yesterday with a 1.5 mile warm up pre-spin and upped my gears but kept my butt in the seat during spin (every time I stood in position 2 & 3 my right hip/glut area hurt). 

I was worried about how I would feel strength training this morning since it usually entails a lot of squats--but I felt great.  I had some work stuff to do after the Y so I postponed my run until after lunch--yes, not the best strategy but I was only planning on 3 miles.  I got the three miles--I have an ache in the right hip area, but post shower I think I will apply more of that magical cream.

P.S. the pain patches (Salonpas) I usually use and LOVE were not available at Target so I had to buy their generic cream which worked just fine. 

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