Although it has not gotten easier--and I have not gotten faster--I run on

I felt like the Energizer Bunny on my run today---even the short/slow/recovery runs are hard for me and I swear I have gotten slower--but today I made myself get the 4 done and keep moving.
According to dailymile, I have run 107 miles for the month of January--that has to mean something!  I pushed myself through and thankfully the music I added to my playlist this morning had some kick*** beats--9:48 pace overall--I though my last mile was my fastest--it was my slowest--but I felt strong and fast when I ran it:)  Love the new earbuds from Skullcandy--they fit great in my ears and I did not have to fiddle with them once--gotta love the green color and the little skulls on them.

A wonderful gift was waiting for me when I got home:
It was my new gear--this will help get me out the door on my next run--new Brooks Adrenaline (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these sneaks), Zensah compression leg sleeves, and Moving Comfort Juno bra.

Today's Song, For the Girl, The Fratellis

7 miles--Beautiful day for a run

Beautiful winter day--great day for a run, mid 30's no breeze and sun shinning.  7 miles on the agenda--headed out with Con and N---first 3 miles we were nice and steady.  After mile 3 Con could not run anymore--he was complaining of a pain on the right foot--is it the new shoes?  We walked with him to a safer street in the neighborhood and he walked home.  Here he is at the start of the run-note the snow mound is as tall as he is:

We had 3.5 more miles to do---I needed another walk break after mile 6.  Am I getting slower?  I remember less than a year ago running 6 in an hour???
Avg Pace
100:10:27 1.00 10:27
200:10:08 1.00 10:08
300:10:33 1.00 10:33
400:12:54 1.00 12:54
500:10:26 1.00 10:26
600:11:21 1.00 11:21
700:10:32 1.00 10:32
800:01:04 0.11 10:04

4 Miles with the Ladies

A BIG thank you to N and L who came out to run today.  I can tell you that after having to run on the TM for a lot of my runs the last few weeks due to cold, snow, and work schedule that running outside with friends is ALWAYS the preferred method.

We had 4 on the schedule possibly 5--but the route I had planned had to be changed due to the fact that some of the roads were still snow covered.  The snow patches on the roads we stuck to keep us slow--which was good.  A nice slow and steady run is what I needed---Wait--isn't that what I always need.

When does this running stuff get easier--when do I get faster--when do the self doubts go away.  We talked a little about that today on the run--I would have talked more, but usually when I hit a mile all ability to run and carry on a conversation goes out the window.  I have to rely on my partners to keep the conversation going as my one word panted responses only get us so far.

Despite all the belly aching--we are committed and we do not quit--we get the run DONE.

The NE has gotten pummeled with SNOW lately--17 inches most recently; unfortunately the blizzard from Christmas time and the subsequent snow falls after that had not melted--leaving us this (this is my post box-I will not see lawn until May):
Here is a picture of me, prerun, taken by Ronan (testing out the Bondi headband): is our slower paces splits:
Avg Pace
100:10:45 1.00 10:45
200:10:54 1.00 10:54
300:11:04 1.00 11:04
400:10:47 1.00 10:47
500:00:01 0.00 08:10

Afternoon 5K

I was not sure when I was going to get my 3 mile run in today.  I had a meeting that I though was going to be a long one--but it turns out I was home before the kids got off the bus and I decided to take advantage of the warm weather---34 degree out today (opposed to yesterday's 12 degree). 

With more snow/icy rain on its way tomorrow, I wanted to get a run in outside.  I am so glad I did.

Today's Song,  Oakenfold, Starry Eyed Surprise

Avg Pace
100:09:39 1.00 09:39
200:09:41 1.00 09:41
300:09:47 1.00 09:47
400:00:56 0.10 09:25

8 Miles of Many Obstacles

Well Con and I headed out it was COLD--although the weather report claimed it was 27 degree out--the wind was 19 mph making it REALLY COLD.  

Conor's biggest issue is mental--he can talk himself out of a run so easily.  He was done before he even started:
1) I did not run enough this week--I need to run more
2) I have not been able to run with out stopping in 2 weeks
3) I am so tired
4) It is too cold

Then the run started and the comments changed to:
5) I need to stretch (we usually run an easy one mile and then stretch)
6) I hurt (mom asks, "where"---only received a vague response)
7) I am tired
8) I need to walk (this was said a lot)

After slow jogging/stopping to walk/and giving him all my Cliff Shot Blocks---we parted ways at mile 6--he said he was heading home and I went on the run the rest:
Avg Pace
100:10:33 1.00 10:33
200:10:57 1.00 10:57
300:11:03 1.00 11:03
400:11:37 1.00 11:37
500:12:30 1.00 12:30
600:13:29 1.00 13:29
700:11:05 1.00 11:05
800:10:24 1.00 10:24
900:00:38 0.06 10:08

Needless to say this was not our best run--BUT I am so proud of Con--when I got home--I ran to the BR of course---but Con was not back yet, instead of heading home as he said he would he got all 8 miles in.  Just as I jumped in the car to go find him, he comes running down the road.  I was so proud--he did not give up (he is my son after all).  We are heading to Road Runners for a new pair of sneaks for him--not only can he use a new pair, but he needs the magical thinking/motivation that new gear can bring.

Today's Song, Coming Home, P Diddy:


Well Conor and I have an 8 mile run staring us in the face this morning (19 miles already run this week)—he is not worried—I am.  I really wanted to run at the Reservoir—I NEED a change of venue and a trail, but alas rumor has it the trail is not passable.  I am thinking about heading over to Cross Farms to check out the Thompson trails myself, but in my heart I know that they are not runnable.

So now I have to worry about:
1)      Distance  (8 is soooo much longer than 7—in my mind)
2)      Route---boring—loops around the neighborhood
3)      Weather—it is COLD out there—who runs in this weather--only crazy people?  Despite my dislike of the treadmill, I would have probably considered running there if Con hadn’t said yesterday—I really need to do my runs with you—I need the motivation—Oh my—he wants to spend time with me—I would go out for a run in 15 below and hail if he asked me


Tomorrow I have a long run -8 miles on the calendar and I am nervous.  This has been such a weird week--no routine--kids had off Monday--then delayed opening Tuesday and delayed opening yesterday.  I ended up doing my runs on the treadmill for convenience and weather issues--you know that is always a challenge for me.

I wanted to run tomorrow at the Reservoir--but I do not think that is possible--someone mentioned today the the trail is not runnable yet.  The thought of hitting my neighborhood or treadmill again is making me nervous--8 miles is a long run for me (much longer than 7 in my mind).  I am already psyching my self out of the run---NEED NEW PERSPECTIVE.  

I will imagine I am running here:

I am going to run 8 tomorrow--no matter what--and it is going to be GREAT!

4 on TM--it did not suck!

Kids are home from school today and it was my bye week for tennis.  I really wanted to hit the Y for a SPIN classes--but all classes were canceled today for the holiday.  I always find that odd on holidays like this when people have off from work they are probably looking to work out--or is that only me.

Yesterday's run outside was hard for me despite keeping it real slow--so I thought I would try intervals on the treadmill--it was so dark and gloomy outside today.  

Normally my TM runs are tortuous, but today I actually did OK--intervals-change pace/incline with every song on the iPod.  Not too shabby neighbor.

Today's song, Start the Commotion, The Wiseguys:

Six Slow

Well today was our Sunday group run, but it ended up being Con and I--the other runners were missed.  

I was glad Con was with me--he wanted to run slow and as usual I started off too quick--so he slowed me down.  This was our recovery week for 1/2 marathon training.  Last week the 7 seemed easier than the 6 we ran today and we ran last week at a whole minute faster pace.  Our pace today was 10:59.

We started out later than planned--but the time of day was perfect and the sun felt wonderful on our faces. The sun also created the most wonderful icicles hanging off of just about everything.  Here is one of the back of the house:

13 Degrees--Oh my!

It was a cold one today--in fact my fingers are still moving stiffly across the keyboard---BUT I am so glad I went.  N came out to meet me and if it were not for her, I probably would have chickened out and gone on the dreadmill.

It takes about a mile to warm up and another mile to find my groove--but 4 miles done.  I keep reminding myself that winter runs are WAY better than the hot humid 90 degrees and above runs.

Kept it slow today to keep my tummy troubles and breathing in check.
Avg Pace
100:10:09 1.00 10:09
200:10:18 1.00 10:18
300:10:41 1.00 10:41
400:10:49 1.00 10:49

Slugged out 3

L met me today for 3 miles after strength training.  I know that running after an hour of strength training is good for me (I do that combo once a week) BUT it is so HARD.

We are expecting another snow storm here in the NE tonight, so I really wanted to get a run in outside in case the streets are not clear tomorrow (our local trails are all still snow covered from the Blizzard over 2 weeks ago).
Avg Pace
100:09:51 1.00 09:51
200:10:02 1.00 10:02
300:10:11 1.00 10:11

Snuck in 3

Started the day off with Monday morning tennis--always fun. 

I knew I had to get 3 in today.  Thankfully N was able to join me--she wanted to run today as much as I did.  We ran faster than we normally do--NEGATIVE SPLITS--that is a first for me.

Great run---great time--and as always great company.  
Avg Pace
100:09:44 1.00 09:44
200:09:33 1.00 09:33
300:09:27 1.00 09:27

7 Miles in Slush Covered Streets

It snowed here in the NE yesterday---light snow, only dusting the road in about .5 inch of snow.  We had a 7 mile group run planned today at Cross Farms/Thompson--the trails are not open yet from the Blizzard 2 weeks ago, so we were going to change the locale to Colts Neck--the roads are hilly but safe for running in the streets.  

I told the ladies I would check the roads in the am to see how there were.  Got up at 6:30--the road was covered with slush.  They had not plowed [they did not need to] but had laid salt down.  Great for cars--not so sure how it would be running.  

Turns out it was perfect--the slush was just what I needed to keep the run slow and steady--NO TUMMY TROUBLES [Yeah]---Con, N, and L came out.  It was Con's and L's longest run ever.  L looked like she could have run the full 13.1 without breaking a sweat--she did great.

We were all so thankful to get the miles in.

Here is how the road looked [some parts were cleared from the sun and hopefully the sun will melt all the slush away today]:

5 in the SNOW--love it.

Well as you may know, I have diagnosed myself with runner's ischemic colitis--so my runs lately have been hard--I increased my weekly mileage too soon and I am paying the price.  I took yesterday off from running and cross trained (strength training at the Y) but that was not enough rest time. 

Today I wanted to run 5 (and part of me thought I could add the extra mileage from the other day that I did not do--wed was going to run 5-6 and only made it 3)---well that did not work.  N, R, and L meet met this morning and we headed off--right after kids got on the bus.

I really felt like I was holding them back.  I was breathing hard and really struggling--this should not have been so difficult for me.  It was nice running in the snow--light dusting kind--the cold snow flakes felt great on my hot face.

My watch did not work--garmin claimed low battery even though I had charged it--took Con's watch--here are our splits:
Avg Pace
100:10:17 1.00 10:17
200:10:37 1.00 10:37
300:10:34 1.00 10:34
400:10:41 1.00 10:41
500:10:11 1.00 10:11

Bad day!

Wanted to run 5 today after Breastfeeding Support Group, but we got off to a slow start and my heart just was not in it.  I have been having GI troubles the last two weeks--I had the same issue when I trained for the 1/2 last year (ischemic colitis--NOT PRETTY and I won't go into detail)--I have self-diagnosed the issue (like any nurse will do) and I know I have added too many weekly miles too quickly.  I thought I could still do 5 today but really slow; however, after the first mile I knew that was not going to happen.

L was so gracious--this was going to be her longest run in a long while and I just could not do it.  We did 3 with a 10:30 pace (and we even walked about .25 miles of that).  I think I need a rest day.

4 Miles in the Mist

Today the ground is covered with a mist--so pretty.  It was unseasonable warm here in the NE the last few days--50s---so I wanted to take advantage of the warm weather even though it looked like rain.  My morning routine usually involves coffee and facebook and thankfully my friend N was partaking in the same ritual.  After a few IMs--we realized we should get dressed and head out there--what were we waiting for.

4 miles around the hood---I don't think any of the other trails are cleared yet.  It was actually perfect weather to run in.  The mist felt so good on my hot face.  Thankfully the rain held out. N and I held a nice steady pace and we talked the whole time--that is a huge feat for me---usually I can not talk at all unless I am going an 11 min/mile:)  Good company = Good run
Avg Pace
100:09:48 1.00 09:48
200:09:48 1.00 09:48
300:09:57 1.00 09:57
400:09:51 1.00 09:51


Starting off the new year with a great run.  Goal 6 miles--done.  No iPod--just me and my thoughts.  It is a gorgeous day here in Colts Neck--high 40s--I would have guessed 50 degrees if I had not checked.  I had overdressed for my run---thermal nike running pants were definitely overdoing it--I could have worn capris or shorts.  A least I was able to pull off my 1/2 zip ---wore my Badass Mother Runner shirt--it was perfect.  I took my time on this run and even took a couple of breaks to walk.  My goal was 6--but I had no time agenda--it was great.