8 Miles of Many Obstacles

Well Con and I headed out it was COLD--although the weather report claimed it was 27 degree out--the wind was 19 mph making it REALLY COLD.  

Conor's biggest issue is mental--he can talk himself out of a run so easily.  He was done before he even started:
1) I did not run enough this week--I need to run more
2) I have not been able to run with out stopping in 2 weeks
3) I am so tired
4) It is too cold

Then the run started and the comments changed to:
5) I need to stretch (we usually run an easy one mile and then stretch)
6) I hurt (mom asks, "where"---only received a vague response)
7) I am tired
8) I need to walk (this was said a lot)

After slow jogging/stopping to walk/and giving him all my Cliff Shot Blocks---we parted ways at mile 6--he said he was heading home and I went on the run the rest:
Avg Pace
100:10:33 1.00 10:33
200:10:57 1.00 10:57
300:11:03 1.00 11:03
400:11:37 1.00 11:37
500:12:30 1.00 12:30
600:13:29 1.00 13:29
700:11:05 1.00 11:05
800:10:24 1.00 10:24
900:00:38 0.06 10:08

Needless to say this was not our best run--BUT I am so proud of Con--when I got home--I ran to the BR of course---but Con was not back yet, instead of heading home as he said he would he got all 8 miles in.  Just as I jumped in the car to go find him, he comes running down the road.  I was so proud--he did not give up (he is my son after all).  We are heading to Road Runners for a new pair of sneaks for him--not only can he use a new pair, but he needs the magical thinking/motivation that new gear can bring.

Today's Song, Coming Home, P Diddy:



Christina said...

I love "he needs the magical thinking/motivation that new gear can bring."

Oh yes! I need that magical thinking ALL THE TIME.

Love it that he didn't give up either. A true runner.

Good job!

Racy Runner said...

Hi picked out a new pair of Mizuno's--let's see if they help him get out of his funk:)

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