7 miles--Beautiful day for a run

Beautiful winter day--great day for a run, mid 30's no breeze and sun shinning.  7 miles on the agenda--headed out with Con and N---first 3 miles we were nice and steady.  After mile 3 Con could not run anymore--he was complaining of a pain on the right foot--is it the new shoes?  We walked with him to a safer street in the neighborhood and he walked home.  Here he is at the start of the run-note the snow mound is as tall as he is:

We had 3.5 more miles to do---I needed another walk break after mile 6.  Am I getting slower?  I remember less than a year ago running 6 in an hour???
Avg Pace
100:10:27 1.00 10:27
200:10:08 1.00 10:08
300:10:33 1.00 10:33
400:12:54 1.00 12:54
500:10:26 1.00 10:26
600:11:21 1.00 11:21
700:10:32 1.00 10:32
800:01:04 0.11 10:04

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Christina said...

That's a whole lot of snow!
Well, you weren't too far off from your previous 6-mile/hour goal.

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