Bad day!

Wanted to run 5 today after Breastfeeding Support Group, but we got off to a slow start and my heart just was not in it.  I have been having GI troubles the last two weeks--I had the same issue when I trained for the 1/2 last year (ischemic colitis--NOT PRETTY and I won't go into detail)--I have self-diagnosed the issue (like any nurse will do) and I know I have added too many weekly miles too quickly.  I thought I could still do 5 today but really slow; however, after the first mile I knew that was not going to happen.

L was so gracious--this was going to be her longest run in a long while and I just could not do it.  We did 3 with a 10:30 pace (and we even walked about .25 miles of that).  I think I need a rest day.

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