4 Miles with the Ladies

A BIG thank you to N and L who came out to run today.  I can tell you that after having to run on the TM for a lot of my runs the last few weeks due to cold, snow, and work schedule that running outside with friends is ALWAYS the preferred method.

We had 4 on the schedule possibly 5--but the route I had planned had to be changed due to the fact that some of the roads were still snow covered.  The snow patches on the roads we stuck to keep us slow--which was good.  A nice slow and steady run is what I needed---Wait--isn't that what I always need.

When does this running stuff get easier--when do I get faster--when do the self doubts go away.  We talked a little about that today on the run--I would have talked more, but usually when I hit a mile all ability to run and carry on a conversation goes out the window.  I have to rely on my partners to keep the conversation going as my one word panted responses only get us so far.

Despite all the belly aching--we are committed and we do not quit--we get the run DONE.

The NE has gotten pummeled with SNOW lately--17 inches most recently; unfortunately the blizzard from Christmas time and the subsequent snow falls after that had not melted--leaving us this (this is my post box-I will not see lawn until May):
Here is a picture of me, prerun, taken by Ronan (testing out the Bondi headband):

http://connect.garmin.com/activity/65479485Here is our slower paces splits:
Avg Pace
100:10:45 1.00 10:45
200:10:54 1.00 10:54
300:11:04 1.00 11:04
400:10:47 1.00 10:47
500:00:01 0.00 08:10

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