Well Conor and I have an 8 mile run staring us in the face this morning (19 miles already run this week)—he is not worried—I am.  I really wanted to run at the Reservoir—I NEED a change of venue and a trail, but alas rumor has it the trail is not passable.  I am thinking about heading over to Cross Farms to check out the Thompson trails myself, but in my heart I know that they are not runnable.

So now I have to worry about:
1)      Distance  (8 is soooo much longer than 7—in my mind)
2)      Route---boring—loops around the neighborhood
3)      Weather—it is COLD out there—who runs in this weather--only crazy people?  Despite my dislike of the treadmill, I would have probably considered running there if Con hadn’t said yesterday—I really need to do my runs with you—I need the motivation—Oh my—he wants to spend time with me—I would go out for a run in 15 below and hail if he asked me


Christina said...

I'm not a mother, but I believe I have motherly instincts (or lots of hormones).
But I think it is totally awesome that he said he really need to do his runs with you.
If I were a mom, I would do it too, 15 under and hail and all.
Glad to read earlier that he finished the 8 miles and didn't give up.

Racy Runner said...

Thanks, Christina.

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