7 Miles in Slush Covered Streets

It snowed here in the NE yesterday---light snow, only dusting the road in about .5 inch of snow.  We had a 7 mile group run planned today at Cross Farms/Thompson--the trails are not open yet from the Blizzard 2 weeks ago, so we were going to change the locale to Colts Neck--the roads are hilly but safe for running in the streets.  

I told the ladies I would check the roads in the am to see how there were.  Got up at 6:30--the road was covered with slush.  They had not plowed [they did not need to] but had laid salt down.  Great for cars--not so sure how it would be running.  

Turns out it was perfect--the slush was just what I needed to keep the run slow and steady--NO TUMMY TROUBLES [Yeah]---Con, N, and L came out.  It was Con's and L's longest run ever.  L looked like she could have run the full 13.1 without breaking a sweat--she did great.

We were all so thankful to get the miles in.

Here is how the road looked [some parts were cleared from the sun and hopefully the sun will melt all the slush away today]:


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