It Was Not Pretty

Kids are off from school today.  I knew I wanted to get a 5 mile run in, but I debated doing an Insanity workout instead.  I really need to drop 10-15 lbs and despite my diet and workout routine, it just is not happening.  I really wonder if doing a HIT routine daily instead of running would be better....That being said, I love running --even though it is hard and I remain soooooo slow.  Oh well--if you have any suggestions, let me know.

Got the 5 miles in, but I will not lie to you--it was not pretty.

Today's song, Dropkick Murphys, Going out in Style:

5 K at lunch

I was so spent after strength training at the Y yesterday am.  I had gone without coffee for 48 hours--yes, that is as long as I could go.  After the workout, I talked myself into a Venti Soy Latte--who am I kidding, I think part of the reason I workout is so I can enjoy my coffee.  I felt SOOOOO much better after consuming.

I was able to sneak a 5 K in at lunch time--love that.

Sunday Morning Run

I was soooooo happy N could meet me today for a run.  I know I hold her back-I ALWAYS run slower when I run with others because talking and running requires a HUGE effort for me.  We ended up running 6.13 miles with a 10:54 pace (see I really did hold her back) in 94% humidity--but it was AWESOME.

I always have fun running with N--we never struggle with conversation and I always want to hear what she has to say.  It is such a perfect way to start the Sunday.

Asbury Park Boardwalk Races for Hunger 2011

This morning was the Asbury Park Boardwalk Races for Hunger to benefit the Monmouth County Foodbank.  Last year Conor and I ran the 10 K (it was his first 6 mile race) and this year Conor, Ronan, and I ran the 5 K--it was Ronan's first race and the longest he has ever run.

Conor was not into it--his left shin was hurting (I suspect a shin splint).  We tried to stay nice and slow to accommodate him but he really did not want to run and it was hard to stay positive for Ronan.  Ronan took the lead at 1.5 and I tried to run back and forth between the two of them (not literally--I would slow or stop to wait for Con and them speed up to get to Ro).  Ronan was getting further ahead and I asked Con what he wanted me to do--to stop and go with him or go with Ro.  He said I should go with Ro--so off I went.  Ronan started to slow down by 2 miles but he had plenty of gas in the tank--he was just getting tired.  He finished strong.  I am so proud of my boys.

Thank goodness my dad and mom were there to capture photos since both Ray and I forgot.  Oh--Finn almost won an award for the first male finisher to cross the finish line in PJs--unfortunately you actually had to be registered and had to run the race in order to win:)

Mom Guilts

Well, I win the bad mom award today---yes, it is mine for the day.  Finn came home from school yesterday feeling sick with a stuffy nose.  I gave him a lot of cuddles and sent him to bed early.  I had a group run planned and for the first time in a long time I knew people were coming and I would have company on my run (OK--ultimately, only one friend made it but still).

Woke to fog--it was pretty out.  I knew it was going to rain, but I also had a feeling the heavy stuff would come later in the morning, our run was scheduled at 9--right when the kiddies get on the bus.  Finn was OK this morning.  Not himself and no fever--no coughs--no sneezing, but I knew he was not feeling great--I sent him off to school anyway with instructions to head to the nurse if he felt he was not well enough or started to feel sick.  I also wrote a note to the teacher letting her know he was under the weather and not to hesitate to send him to the nurse--in my defense, he is my third and youngest and this ploy has worked in the past.  NO I would not send a contagious--obviously sick kid to school (remember I am a nurse with a Masters Degree) but I also have been fooled into keeping kiddies home when they did not feel well only to have them miraculously recover when they realize they could spend the day in their PJs in front of the TV.  So off he went with stipulations.  Honestly my decision had nothing to do with my scheduled group run--Honesty--Ok, that does not sound convincing even to me.
Henry Hudson Trail in Drizzle with Fog Cloud Hovering Over the Trail
Anyway--got a 3 mile run 2 mile walk in with a friend in the rain and we got to VENT about lots of stuff.  Even had time to buy B-day cake for Con and shower before the call came in from the nurse.  Still no fever and she was going to convince him to stay--but by that time the mom guilts got the best of me and I said I was on my way to get him.  

It was pouring by then and I got to break in my new Hunter Boots Original Tall Gloss Graphite  (have the green ones--but these gray will go with everything).
Now off to cuddle, snuggle and watch Sponge Bob with my little one.

Vegetarian Chili

I strength trained at the Y this morning--love that class.  I always feel like I get a great workout.  After that I headed to Starbucks for my treat, a venti soy latte (my favorite post workout treat). 

It is a cool rainy day here in the NE and I wanted to run 3 today, but I ended up throwing some stuff in the crock pot---Vegetarian Chili ala Casi (don't judge it by it's looks--it is tastes and smells DELICIOUS, nice and spicy the way I like it):
I don't know what possessed me, but I did 2 on the treadmill and called it quits--REGRETTING THIS--it really is a perfect day to run.  Why didn't I drag my butt outside?

What a difference 20 degrees makes

My last two runs have been AWESOME--not because I am more conditioned, not because my endurance has increased, not because I am a better runner---it is because the temperature has dropped 20 degrees.  Running when it is 60 degrees and there is no humidity is SOOOOOOO much better than running when it is 80 degrees and so humid my hair curls by just walking out the door.

Today was perfect--look at that sky.

I was so happy to run this morning.  No one met me--but that really was no surprise--Sunday mornings are hard for most people.  It was beautiful at Thompson this morning and I felt like I had the place to myself. 6.57 miles at 10:36 pace.

My post recovery protein drink---YUUUUUM.
Although I don't eat meat and I consume limited dairy, I will eat eggs---I have ALWAYS loved eggs.  I can't wait to dig into this garden frittata with vegetarian spicy sausage.


Great 5 K to start the day.  NO HUMIDITY here in the NE--56 degrees.  I felt strong the entire run.  

First run in a long time where I did not have to stop and walk or take a break.  There is hope!

Today's song, Gym Class Heroes (love them), My Heart's a Stereo

Talking Life & Politics While Running With a Friend

Today after group I wanted to run 2-3 miles around the Library loop.  I got an Insanity workout in before group and the strength training I have gotten back into at the gym has left my quads and glutes sore so, I needed to keep it slow--my goal was to just keep moving.  It is hot and humid out there so that did not help.  I tried to convince some of the moms to come for a run, but it was too hot for the little ones; a few moms headed out for a walk though:)

I ended up running the one loop 1.11 at a 10:00 min pace and I was wiped out--I only had a protein shake prior to lunch so I was spent, but then I spotted her--- J.  She had come to run and I never turn down a run with a friend.

We headed out and ran another mile, walked one, and then ran it home--3.3 miles for her and 4.4 for me.  Sure we did not run the whole time, but 3-4 miles is WAY better than 0-1 miles.  Plus we got a chance to get caught up with each others lives and discuss politics (there are not many people I can talk politics with--she is one of them)--a great non-judgmental friend:)

Scheduled Runs for Week of September 12th

Racy Runners is a running group for everyone; running towards friendship, commitment, and health.  Come join us--everyone is welcome!
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Wednesday, September 14th:

Wednesday, September 14th 1 pm
Colts Neck Town Hall Complex
1 Winthrop Lane

(Parking lot adjacent to Police Station)

2-3 miles--slow and steady

Sunday, September 18th:

Sunday, September 18th 8am
Cross Farms Park

5-7 miles-slow and steady

Bring water

Fall is my FAVORITE running season!

Don't worry about your pace or distance.  Come and join us on some group runs--we will try to accommodate whoever shows up.  We can easily plan a route that gets you back to your car in the distance that feels right for you.

Want to read about my recent running antics, please visit the Racy Runners site HERE.

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Need a Goal?

Join us on November 5th for a 5 Mile FUN run/walk.  Come out with all the other Racy Runners.  Register today! What are you waiting for......

This is a great run and bound to be a good time.  Last year we planned a Ladies Night Out to celebrate ourselves at the end of the day--Nikki, any chance Thundercheese is playing that night?

Wrench in my workout plans

This morning I was all set to attend a class at Hammer House; our local SPIN studio that has the BEST bikes ever.  You can read about my first ryde there by clicking HERE.  You know I am addicted to SPIN and I enjoy the classes at the local Y, but these bikes are different ---you get a full CORE workout on these.  

Anyway, our local Living Social ran a great coupon for Hammer House recently--5 classes for $25--a deal too good to ignore.  Even though the coupon was for new members only, the awesome crew at Hammer House choose to honor the coupon for us anyway--YEAH!!!!

So, I had called and emailed ahead of time to make sure I could get a bike this morning.  Now, I am a workout scheduler--meaning, I plan my workouts ahead of time and actually put them in my outlook calendar.  I know, I am a type A character--I embrace and own it!

I showed up this am dressed ready with my Camelbak water bottle filled with water and a Nuun tablet--I planned to SWEAT.  Well, the place was packed and they did not have my reservation :(  I waited to see if there were any bikes available--BIG FAT NO (see below--I left there one happy customer). 

Now, this threw my whole day off--it was too late to get to the Y, there class was at 9:30 and I was at the 9:45 class at the Hammer House.  I did not want to run, I had done 7 miles yesterday and wanted a recovery day from running.  Yes, I could have done an Insanity workout--but work got in the way.  I ended up making a ton of phone calls, getting my email inbox in order, and revamping the website a little.  I renovated our Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Support Group Flyer too (see below); everything but a workout achieved. 
I also created a Garden Salad Soup:

And although I got a lot done--I am CRAVING the cardio release; unfortunately the boys are due off the bus any minute and I do not have a spare minute until bedtime......until tomorrow.

P.S. The crew at Hammer House comped me 3 free workouts-thanks, Kim, you are the BEST!


September 11th has become a day to remember...remember where you where, what you were doing, what you did after, how you coped with the images and thoughts.  Living in the NE in suburbia it is impossible not to know someone who was lost that day or a family who lost another family member, friend, or loved one.  

I ran this morning and even when my thoughts would start to stray to the more mundane (grocery lists, what the week would be like, what I needed to do when I got home) they kept coming back to this day--this calendar date.  It is important to remember.  It is important to be grateful.  I ran strong today and I did not give up when I felt tired.  I kept moving on.

Green Smoothie--Yuum

Lately I have been following the juicing craze.  I am a self declared health food nut (no, my diet is not perfect) but I work hard to make good choices.  I cut red meat out of my diet over 15 years ago and all meat about 4-5 years ago.  I eat limited dairy--try to go as dairy free as possible (still love my pizza--even though I know it is no good for me) and only started eating occasional fish.  My motto is eat more vegetables--LOVE "The China Study" and "Forks Over Knives"--Dr. Campbell is my hero.

I am addicted to whey protein shakes with amazing grass and bananas--the original green smoothie for me, but after reading about juicing, I decided to experiment.
I have been making a new green smoothie (even though the content is very liquidy from what I understand it can only be considered juice if the pulp is strained out [or made with juicer] and I like the idea of the fiber).  This smoothie contained:

Carrots (buy them shredded already--much easier)
2 bananas

Don't judge this baby by its looks--unless if your favorite color is GREEN like me.

I use my inexpensive Cuisinart Blender to make; although, I secretly covet the Vitamix Blender and a Juicer--my Cuisinart kicks *** and works great.  The smoothie is delicious--now keep in mind, I am used to drinking whey protein shakes--this veg/juice combo is much sweeter.  I have not added protein yet--but I feel some good experiments coming on.

It is a HOT one.

I was hoping to replicate my run from the other day--the first time I have run over 5 in a LONG time and felt great, but alas it was not meant to be.

Lately my legs feel like lead through the entire run whether it is 1 or 4 miles.  I ran 4 today with a 2 minute stop at 1.5 miles and an average pace of 10:54???  I know, I need to run slow to run farther and build endurance and if I could say I ran 4 miles at a 10:54 pace and it was easy and I felt great--I would be happy, but I did NOT feel great and it was NOT easy.  

The kids go back to school in 2 days and I will be working on building mileage back to a 25-30 miles week--wish me luck.