Wrench in my workout plans

This morning I was all set to attend a class at Hammer House; our local SPIN studio that has the BEST bikes ever.  You can read about my first ryde there by clicking HERE.  You know I am addicted to SPIN and I enjoy the classes at the local Y, but these bikes are different ---you get a full CORE workout on these.  

Anyway, our local Living Social ran a great coupon for Hammer House recently--5 classes for $25--a deal too good to ignore.  Even though the coupon was for new members only, the awesome crew at Hammer House choose to honor the coupon for us anyway--YEAH!!!!

So, I had called and emailed ahead of time to make sure I could get a bike this morning.  Now, I am a workout scheduler--meaning, I plan my workouts ahead of time and actually put them in my outlook calendar.  I know, I am a type A character--I embrace and own it!

I showed up this am dressed ready with my Camelbak water bottle filled with water and a Nuun tablet--I planned to SWEAT.  Well, the place was packed and they did not have my reservation :(  I waited to see if there were any bikes available--BIG FAT NO (see below--I left there one happy customer). 

Now, this threw my whole day off--it was too late to get to the Y, there class was at 9:30 and I was at the 9:45 class at the Hammer House.  I did not want to run, I had done 7 miles yesterday and wanted a recovery day from running.  Yes, I could have done an Insanity workout--but work got in the way.  I ended up making a ton of phone calls, getting my email inbox in order, and revamping the website a little.  I renovated our Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Support Group Flyer too (see below); everything but a workout achieved. 
I also created a Garden Salad Soup:

And although I got a lot done--I am CRAVING the cardio release; unfortunately the boys are due off the bus any minute and I do not have a spare minute until bedtime......until tomorrow.

P.S. The crew at Hammer House comped me 3 free workouts-thanks, Kim, you are the BEST!

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