Green Smoothie--Yuum

Lately I have been following the juicing craze.  I am a self declared health food nut (no, my diet is not perfect) but I work hard to make good choices.  I cut red meat out of my diet over 15 years ago and all meat about 4-5 years ago.  I eat limited dairy--try to go as dairy free as possible (still love my pizza--even though I know it is no good for me) and only started eating occasional fish.  My motto is eat more vegetables--LOVE "The China Study" and "Forks Over Knives"--Dr. Campbell is my hero.

I am addicted to whey protein shakes with amazing grass and bananas--the original green smoothie for me, but after reading about juicing, I decided to experiment.
I have been making a new green smoothie (even though the content is very liquidy from what I understand it can only be considered juice if the pulp is strained out [or made with juicer] and I like the idea of the fiber).  This smoothie contained:

Carrots (buy them shredded already--much easier)
2 bananas

Don't judge this baby by its looks--unless if your favorite color is GREEN like me.

I use my inexpensive Cuisinart Blender to make; although, I secretly covet the Vitamix Blender and a Juicer--my Cuisinart kicks *** and works great.  The smoothie is delicious--now keep in mind, I am used to drinking whey protein shakes--this veg/juice combo is much sweeter.  I have not added protein yet--but I feel some good experiments coming on.

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