What a difference 20 degrees makes

My last two runs have been AWESOME--not because I am more conditioned, not because my endurance has increased, not because I am a better runner---it is because the temperature has dropped 20 degrees.  Running when it is 60 degrees and there is no humidity is SOOOOOOO much better than running when it is 80 degrees and so humid my hair curls by just walking out the door.

Today was perfect--look at that sky.

I was so happy to run this morning.  No one met me--but that really was no surprise--Sunday mornings are hard for most people.  It was beautiful at Thompson this morning and I felt like I had the place to myself. 6.57 miles at 10:36 pace.

My post recovery protein drink---YUUUUUM.
Although I don't eat meat and I consume limited dairy, I will eat eggs---I have ALWAYS loved eggs.  I can't wait to dig into this garden frittata with vegetarian spicy sausage.

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