Asbury Park Boardwalk Races for Hunger 2011

This morning was the Asbury Park Boardwalk Races for Hunger to benefit the Monmouth County Foodbank.  Last year Conor and I ran the 10 K (it was his first 6 mile race) and this year Conor, Ronan, and I ran the 5 K--it was Ronan's first race and the longest he has ever run.

Conor was not into it--his left shin was hurting (I suspect a shin splint).  We tried to stay nice and slow to accommodate him but he really did not want to run and it was hard to stay positive for Ronan.  Ronan took the lead at 1.5 and I tried to run back and forth between the two of them (not literally--I would slow or stop to wait for Con and them speed up to get to Ro).  Ronan was getting further ahead and I asked Con what he wanted me to do--to stop and go with him or go with Ro.  He said I should go with Ro--so off I went.  Ronan started to slow down by 2 miles but he had plenty of gas in the tank--he was just getting tired.  He finished strong.  I am so proud of my boys.

Thank goodness my dad and mom were there to capture photos since both Ray and I forgot.  Oh--Finn almost won an award for the first male finisher to cross the finish line in PJs--unfortunately you actually had to be registered and had to run the race in order to win:)

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