Talking Life & Politics While Running With a Friend

Today after group I wanted to run 2-3 miles around the Library loop.  I got an Insanity workout in before group and the strength training I have gotten back into at the gym has left my quads and glutes sore so, I needed to keep it slow--my goal was to just keep moving.  It is hot and humid out there so that did not help.  I tried to convince some of the moms to come for a run, but it was too hot for the little ones; a few moms headed out for a walk though:)

I ended up running the one loop 1.11 at a 10:00 min pace and I was wiped out--I only had a protein shake prior to lunch so I was spent, but then I spotted her--- J.  She had come to run and I never turn down a run with a friend.

We headed out and ran another mile, walked one, and then ran it home--3.3 miles for her and 4.4 for me.  Sure we did not run the whole time, but 3-4 miles is WAY better than 0-1 miles.  Plus we got a chance to get caught up with each others lives and discuss politics (there are not many people I can talk politics with--she is one of them)--a great non-judgmental friend:)

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