P90X Results

I completed p90X and I am thrilled with my results. 

As a 39 (soon to be 40 in just 7 days) year old mother of three boys, wife, RN/MSN, and avid runner, I have found this program to be just what I needed to get back into shape. 

I am a health nut, a vegetarian, and I love to exercise but I had fallen into a rut and the weight was not coming off as easily as it used to. Before I knew it, I was 15-20 pounds heavier and had the muffin top to prove it. I needed to shake up my routine and P90X was perfect.
Although I felt stronger right from the get go, it was not until about 60 days into the program that I began to notice my clothes fit better. I have lost inches in my waist, upper arms, and thighs. I am sure I lost poundage--but I have not stepped on the scale yet. I feel great. Friends and family have noticed the transformation too.
I am going to keep at it. Keeping my core strong makes me a better runner. I ran my first 1/2 marathon in April 2009 and I am hoping for a better time when I run another this year.
My son loved doing P90X with me and we plan on completing Insanity next; we will keep pressing play.

Sceduled Runs for Week of Sept 27th

Well, I am slowly easing back into a running routine and it is as humbling as ever.  I ran the Asbury Park Boardwalk races yesterday, the 10 K, and I could not maintain a pace better than 10-11 min/mile.  

A big thank you to B who came out last Monday for a 2 mile recovery run, slow and steady and if it were not for K who came out on Thursday, I know I would not have gotten 5.5 miles in that day, http://racyrunners.blogspot.com/2010/09/5-miles-runwalk-i-feel-great.html ---K also showed me more undiscovered trails at Thompson—love it!

Scheduled runs for week of September 27th:
Monday, September 27th 11:30 am          2-3 miles slow/steady recovery run           Thompson (meet at playground parking)

Thursday, September 30th 10:30 am        40 min run-intervals—1 min fast—1 min jog—1 min walk           Thompson

Friday, October 1st 9am                            5 miles     Henry Hudson Trail (paved path, meet at Turtle Creek Preschool—parking lots near the trail)

Moving Forward Using All My Breath

Today was the Asbury Park Boardwalk Races for Hunger; a 5, 10, 15 K or relay.  Conor and I ran the 10K--we were so tired this am and since we have not had a continuous 5 miles run (no walk) since June, I was nervous.

I knew it would be hard to convince C that a run:walk would be better for us--we would feel stronger and finish faster.  The first mile he did not want to stop and I knew that the longer we went without that one minute walk--the more spent we would be.  I think he got the picture around mile 2 when I was running 3 min and walking 1 and still was keeping up with him.  

I talked him into breaks until 5--I told him when he hit Ocean Grove on the last lap to kick it into overdrive--and he did.  We are pretty sure he finished a good 6 min before me.

I was tired and my stomach felt queasy the whole race.  When I hit North End Ocean Grove a cafe was playing Modern English "I'll Stop the World and Melt With You"

I was able to finish strong--in the past I could do 6 in 58  min- tops an hour--ended up with an hour and 7 min--not bad for shoddy training.  Con had fun and was very proud of his run.  

Here we are with Finn pre race

Here is a motivational note Finn made me in the car on the way there

 and the after the race note...

Avg Pace
100:10:51 1.00 10:51
200:10:41 1.00 10:41
300:10:56 1.00 10:56
400:11:37 1.00 11:37
500:10:56 1.00 10:56
600:10:50 1.00 10:50
700:01:42 0.17 09:54

I Am A Non-Conformist Brick!

Kids are off of school today?????  So far it feels like they have been out of school more than in school.  Today was my REST day (no run, no P90X, no Insanity, no workout)--I scheduled a haircut and boy did I need one.  I was looking like a cast member from HAIR minus the nudity.

I LOVE Red Bank and always like strolling around with my venti Soy Latte ---found this great urban art work on the paved brick pathway and felt like it was left there for ME (minus the latte cliche)!

5 Miles Run/Walk-- I feel Great!

5 Miles on the agenda today.  I headed over to Cross Farms Park after Strength Training for an hour at the Y and I was not expecting to see anyone---but had a pleasant surprise. K was there waiting.  I meet K on a previous run last week and I was glad to see her.  I probably would have talked myself out of running 5---I had a million excuses all lined up.  In fact on the ride there I had already started---"I just trained for an hour----I have the 6 mile run on Sat---I should probably run only 2-3........"

K and I jumped right in---I was thankful she was willing to do the walk:run with me.  I do not think I could have made it otherwise.  I love running and chatting, the time flies by.  Our first mile run:walk was a great time10:37 (not bad for an inclined run:walk)--I knew when we hit the reservoir trail we would slow down--the trail is hard, but so much nicer than running on the paved path in the hot sun.  

K showed me several other trails that I did not even know about--I LOVED IT--great run, I felt pushed and I needed that.  Sitting here post shower with my Green Monster recovery drink (ice, water, greek yogurt, Amazing Green Grass Superfood, banana, and whey protein)--I feel GREAT!


Run/Walk is faster?

Monday's 2 mile run with B was just what I needed.  Now, don't get me wrong every run is hard for me--but I am confident that I can do 2 miles --no matter how tired or slow I am--I can do it.  Now any mileage over 2---then I am not so sure.  So after last weeks longer run debacle, I decided run:walk my longer runs and the race on Sat --to avoid getting wiped out and to avoid an injury as I get back into running.

2 miles I can do continuous running, but I wanted to see how I did running 2 miles today walk run--and you know what--I am faster when I take that walk break.  Even though I did not have a watch on Monday--I know my run today was faster.  Running harder for 3 minutes, knowing you will get a minute break gives me security.  I wonder if the intervals will help me shed that extra poundage too.

P.S. I finished P90X ---I LOVE this program--I Brought It; I will post more on this later.

Today's song, Beyonce, Get Me Bodied.

Scheduled Runs for week of September 19th

Last week we got off to a good start.  On Tuesday we had 4 runners show up at Thompson, since we were all coming off a running hiatus or nursing injuries—we kept the run SLOW and STEADY.  That 2 miles was my first continuous (no walk run) in a LONG time and I felt great. 

On Friday we were had our long run planned.  C was able to get in 2.5 before she had to literally run off to an appointment, while N and I went the 5.  I was sucking wind by mile 3---in hindsight I should have done a run:walk (3:1) for the first 3-4 miles---I would have been able to run faster, go longer, and feel stronger.  I was hurting by the end and had to walk a couple of times—that’s what I get for taking so much time off.

Scheduled Runs for Week of September 19th:

Monday, Sept 20th                   11:30 am                 2 miles     Thompson Park (at playground parking lot)

Wednesday, Sept 22nd            1 pm                        2-3 miles  Library (I am coming out of the Community Center Meeting Room on first floor)

Thursday, Sept 23                   10:30 am                 4-5 miles  Cross Farms (I am going to do a run:walk but that does not mean you have to)

Saturday, Sept 25                   Asbury Park Boardwalk Races Against Hunger—you can use the registration link on the Jersey Shore Running Clubs website to register, http://www.jsrc.org/  (5, 10, or 15 K)---Conor and I are running the 10K; hope you can join us

It was a LONG night and subsequently a LONG run

At book club last night I had an AWFUL burning pain in my upper chest---intermittent pain but enough to take my breath away.  I had hitched a ride to the group with a friend and I had to ask her to leave early---I felt that bad (and I have a pretty high tolerance for pain).  I was 99.9% sure it was indigestion. I had taken my vitamins late in the day and I usually take them in the am with food.  By the time I got home though, I was beginning to get scared--the pain was coming more frequently and it was under my right breastbone.  As an RN you would think I would not want to mess around with a possible heart attack--but remember I was 99.9% sure it was indigestion--but I popped a baby aspirin just in case.

I had Ray keep an eye on me and I made sure he knew what all my symptoms were.  Tums and Pepto Bismol did NOT help---I was up all night---there was a wicked thunder and lightening storm---the kind were the thunder shakes the entire foundation of the house.  Just when I could not fight the sleep anymore around 3-4 am the power when out.  As a chronic light sleeper, who cannot sleep without a sound machine or fan on---the deafening silence only brings on insomnia.  Needless to say I was/am TIRED---but I had planned a 5-6 mile run and I knew 1-2 other Racy Runners would show up.  So despite no power and the threat of no coffee pre-run, I dragged my butt out of bed.  Thankfully the power went on about 15 minutes before kids got on bus, so I was able to grab a cup of coffee--and my blood pressure medication :) (I'll save that story for another day--I have been on BP meds since I turned 30--despite being a vegetarian, health food nut, and avid exerciser--I could not escape genetics--hence the .1% worry of a heart attack).

I laced up my shoes and headed over to Cross Farms.  C and N came out to run today.  I was worried about holding both of them back---but we kept it slow and steady.  We ran 1.5 miles paved trail and then headed onto the Reservoir path (1.5 miles one way = 3)--C had to leave for an appointment, so it was just N and I on the path.  Trail running is harder than running on a paved path (harder but more enjoyable for me)--it really works your leg muscles differently and fatigue sets in earlier.  We took about a .25 mile walk break at end of trail before turning around and heading back.

I was wiped out--I had to stop and walk a couple of times on the way back--I was SPENT.  I knew that finding my speed and endurance after basically a summer off of running would be hard--but...... I thought I would do better.  I wish I had run/walked in the beginning---I think I would have finished stronger.

It was VERY humid out this am--all that rain last night did not cool things off--not only could you feel the rain in the air--you could see it (I know this picture does not do it justice--you will just have to trust me on this):

My overall pace was pathetic--I actually run faster when I do the run/walk ratio.

2 Mile Warm Up Runs

Meet 3 Racy Runners yesterday for a leisurely 2 mile run--it was just what we all needed to ease ourselves back "in to it"---none of us had been running regularly and 2 of the ladies were nursing injuries--so a slow and steady 2 miles around the rugby path at Thompson Park was just what we needed.  The dirt trial cushioned our old bones--and in my case what I believe are shin splints from 2 hours of tennis on Monday.

I started a new tennis league at the Colts Neck Racquet Club. I took the summer off of tennis too--so needless to say the 2 hours was a little rough on me, but I had so much more fun than I thought I would.  Typically I have always planned tennis with a small group for fun and I have never participated in a league, but the ladies I played with thought we would give it a try and it was great.  I am looking forward to next Monday.

Today was a scheduled short run (2 miles) at the Library.  No one else could make it--so I had to "go it" alone.  It is always easier to run with other people--but I carry my Ipod just in case.  On long solo runs I run sans Ipod, but shorter runs I like the music---I know that seems weird, it should be the other way around, but I found I just do better on long runs with out the music.

I am going to try to get my long runs in on Friday.  This Friday I planned a 5-6 mile run at Cross Farms---a run into Thompson then along the Reservoir Trail (1/2 trail 1/2 paved path)---I have that 10 K race in Asbury Park on the 25th and I don't know if I will be able to run 6 miles with no walk.  Although, I have been having so much success with the run:walk ratio (3:1), I know I should be able to run 6 miles even though it has been awhile--right?

Today's Song, Rock This Party, Bob Sinclair


Scheduled Runs for week of September 13th

The kids are finally back in school and I need to ease myself into running again—funny how that works, take a whole season off and it is like starting from scratch again.

Have you registered for Beauty and The Beach?  This is a great 5 mile women only run---it is a great race for first time runners and those who are “old hat” at it.  We have plenty of time to train, the race is in November.  Please register ASAP—I have a feeling this race will close out.

Schedules Runs for Week of Sept 13th (I will try to plan a long run on Friday and a Saturday or Sunday run, but this week I have a wedding to attend and I will be dancing my fanny off instead):

Tuesday, Sept 14                 10:30 am        Thompson, meet at playground parking lot­­          2 miles

Wednesday, Sept 15           1 pm               Library (I will be coming out of the breastfeeding support group on the first floor)  2 miles

Friday, Sept 17th                   9 am            Cross Farms  4-5 miles (1/2 of this run is a trail path through the woods—it will be a slow steady run)

Big Brook Path

C and I decided to stick close to home today.  My plan was to run about 4-5 miles and try to pick up the Big Brook Path, 1/2 way in---we like running trails so much more than on the road.  We started off strong and our pace was good.  We took the walk breaks, 3:1, and keep good time despite stopping. 
We picked up the Big Brook Path on Hillsdale.  Some spots were just to beautiful to run past without stopping for a look.  We LOVE the Big Brook Preserve and are so thankful it is in our neighborhood.  We find squid tail and shark teeth every time we sift for fossils. 
In many spots we needed to focus on staying on the path.  There was a lot of "growth" and in some spots the trail was hard to detect.  The overgrowth of brush made me worry about poison ivy (forget the ticks--that is manageable to me--we live in the woods--but poison ivy--forget it--that is torture).  We ran the last .5 mile sans walk break and ran right into the shower--hopefully that will help us avoid and poison ivy oil.


Here I go!

First day back at school for the boys and I was solo---so what do I do to enjoy the kid free day---go for a run, of course.  

I was dragging but I was very excited to get out for a solo run.  Headed over to Cross Farms with the hopes of getting at least 3 in---ran 5 (SLOW--with walk breaks--I am going to have to work on this--have an upcoming 10 K in a few weeks and I want to RUN the whole thing).  I felt spent; figured I was a little dehydrated--I was craving WATER--and I never usually do if I am running for 3-5 miles or an hour.  Guzzled an entire bottle of water and a myoplex when I reached the car.

Looking forward to building up my run endurance.  Love that post run high.

Today's theme "LIGHT"
It was hot today, but the sun seemed less menacing through the tree coverage of the trail
The sun cast a pattern all over the dirt floor of the trail

Today's song, Swing Swing, All American Rejects


Breastfeeding; Join the Boob-olution!

I LOVE this promotional breastfeeding video.  Normally I do not combine my running/fitness love with my professional passion--but I cannot resist.  Check this BRILLIANT video out!

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