Big Brook Path

C and I decided to stick close to home today.  My plan was to run about 4-5 miles and try to pick up the Big Brook Path, 1/2 way in---we like running trails so much more than on the road.  We started off strong and our pace was good.  We took the walk breaks, 3:1, and keep good time despite stopping. 
We picked up the Big Brook Path on Hillsdale.  Some spots were just to beautiful to run past without stopping for a look.  We LOVE the Big Brook Preserve and are so thankful it is in our neighborhood.  We find squid tail and shark teeth every time we sift for fossils. 
In many spots we needed to focus on staying on the path.  There was a lot of "growth" and in some spots the trail was hard to detect.  The overgrowth of brush made me worry about poison ivy (forget the ticks--that is manageable to me--we live in the woods--but poison ivy--forget it--that is torture).  We ran the last .5 mile sans walk break and ran right into the shower--hopefully that will help us avoid and poison ivy oil.

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Christina said...

I don't like ticks. Rather have poison ivy than ticks - don't they carry lyme disease or something like that?
I got a big nasty ant sting on my arm. Yikes!

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