5 Miles Run/Walk-- I feel Great!

5 Miles on the agenda today.  I headed over to Cross Farms Park after Strength Training for an hour at the Y and I was not expecting to see anyone---but had a pleasant surprise. K was there waiting.  I meet K on a previous run last week and I was glad to see her.  I probably would have talked myself out of running 5---I had a million excuses all lined up.  In fact on the ride there I had already started---"I just trained for an hour----I have the 6 mile run on Sat---I should probably run only 2-3........"

K and I jumped right in---I was thankful she was willing to do the walk:run with me.  I do not think I could have made it otherwise.  I love running and chatting, the time flies by.  Our first mile run:walk was a great time10:37 (not bad for an inclined run:walk)--I knew when we hit the reservoir trail we would slow down--the trail is hard, but so much nicer than running on the paved path in the hot sun.  

K showed me several other trails that I did not even know about--I LOVED IT--great run, I felt pushed and I needed that.  Sitting here post shower with my Green Monster recovery drink (ice, water, greek yogurt, Amazing Green Grass Superfood, banana, and whey protein)--I feel GREAT!



Emz said...

YAY for new trails and a great run!!

You rock.

Forward Foot Strides said...

Yah what Emz said! I LOVE discovering new places to run.

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