Here I go!

First day back at school for the boys and I was solo---so what do I do to enjoy the kid free day---go for a run, of course.  

I was dragging but I was very excited to get out for a solo run.  Headed over to Cross Farms with the hopes of getting at least 3 in---ran 5 (SLOW--with walk breaks--I am going to have to work on this--have an upcoming 10 K in a few weeks and I want to RUN the whole thing).  I felt spent; figured I was a little dehydrated--I was craving WATER--and I never usually do if I am running for 3-5 miles or an hour.  Guzzled an entire bottle of water and a myoplex when I reached the car.

Looking forward to building up my run endurance.  Love that post run high.

Today's theme "LIGHT"
It was hot today, but the sun seemed less menacing through the tree coverage of the trail
The sun cast a pattern all over the dirt floor of the trail

Today's song, Swing Swing, All American Rejects

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