Scheduled Runs for week of September 19th

Last week we got off to a good start.  On Tuesday we had 4 runners show up at Thompson, since we were all coming off a running hiatus or nursing injuries—we kept the run SLOW and STEADY.  That 2 miles was my first continuous (no walk run) in a LONG time and I felt great. 

On Friday we were had our long run planned.  C was able to get in 2.5 before she had to literally run off to an appointment, while N and I went the 5.  I was sucking wind by mile 3---in hindsight I should have done a run:walk (3:1) for the first 3-4 miles---I would have been able to run faster, go longer, and feel stronger.  I was hurting by the end and had to walk a couple of times—that’s what I get for taking so much time off.

Scheduled Runs for Week of September 19th:

Monday, Sept 20th                   11:30 am                 2 miles     Thompson Park (at playground parking lot)

Wednesday, Sept 22nd            1 pm                        2-3 miles  Library (I am coming out of the Community Center Meeting Room on first floor)

Thursday, Sept 23                   10:30 am                 4-5 miles  Cross Farms (I am going to do a run:walk but that does not mean you have to)

Saturday, Sept 25                   Asbury Park Boardwalk Races Against Hunger—you can use the registration link on the Jersey Shore Running Clubs website to register,  (5, 10, or 15 K)---Conor and I are running the 10K; hope you can join us

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shannon said...

Good idea to schedule your run for the week, it's easier to stay on track when you have a plan! :)

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