It was a LONG night and subsequently a LONG run

At book club last night I had an AWFUL burning pain in my upper chest---intermittent pain but enough to take my breath away.  I had hitched a ride to the group with a friend and I had to ask her to leave early---I felt that bad (and I have a pretty high tolerance for pain).  I was 99.9% sure it was indigestion. I had taken my vitamins late in the day and I usually take them in the am with food.  By the time I got home though, I was beginning to get scared--the pain was coming more frequently and it was under my right breastbone.  As an RN you would think I would not want to mess around with a possible heart attack--but remember I was 99.9% sure it was indigestion--but I popped a baby aspirin just in case.

I had Ray keep an eye on me and I made sure he knew what all my symptoms were.  Tums and Pepto Bismol did NOT help---I was up all night---there was a wicked thunder and lightening storm---the kind were the thunder shakes the entire foundation of the house.  Just when I could not fight the sleep anymore around 3-4 am the power when out.  As a chronic light sleeper, who cannot sleep without a sound machine or fan on---the deafening silence only brings on insomnia.  Needless to say I was/am TIRED---but I had planned a 5-6 mile run and I knew 1-2 other Racy Runners would show up.  So despite no power and the threat of no coffee pre-run, I dragged my butt out of bed.  Thankfully the power went on about 15 minutes before kids got on bus, so I was able to grab a cup of coffee--and my blood pressure medication :) (I'll save that story for another day--I have been on BP meds since I turned 30--despite being a vegetarian, health food nut, and avid exerciser--I could not escape genetics--hence the .1% worry of a heart attack).

I laced up my shoes and headed over to Cross Farms.  C and N came out to run today.  I was worried about holding both of them back---but we kept it slow and steady.  We ran 1.5 miles paved trail and then headed onto the Reservoir path (1.5 miles one way = 3)--C had to leave for an appointment, so it was just N and I on the path.  Trail running is harder than running on a paved path (harder but more enjoyable for me)--it really works your leg muscles differently and fatigue sets in earlier.  We took about a .25 mile walk break at end of trail before turning around and heading back.

I was wiped out--I had to stop and walk a couple of times on the way back--I was SPENT.  I knew that finding my speed and endurance after basically a summer off of running would be hard--but...... I thought I would do better.  I wish I had run/walked in the beginning---I think I would have finished stronger.

It was VERY humid out this am--all that rain last night did not cool things off--not only could you feel the rain in the air--you could see it (I know this picture does not do it justice--you will just have to trust me on this):

My overall pace was pathetic--I actually run faster when I do the run/walk ratio.

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