Run/Walk is faster?

Monday's 2 mile run with B was just what I needed.  Now, don't get me wrong every run is hard for me--but I am confident that I can do 2 miles --no matter how tired or slow I am--I can do it.  Now any mileage over 2---then I am not so sure.  So after last weeks longer run debacle, I decided run:walk my longer runs and the race on Sat --to avoid getting wiped out and to avoid an injury as I get back into running.

2 miles I can do continuous running, but I wanted to see how I did running 2 miles today walk run--and you know what--I am faster when I take that walk break.  Even though I did not have a watch on Monday--I know my run today was faster.  Running harder for 3 minutes, knowing you will get a minute break gives me security.  I wonder if the intervals will help me shed that extra poundage too.

P.S. I finished P90X ---I LOVE this program--I Brought It; I will post more on this later.

Today's song, Beyonce, Get Me Bodied.


Emz said...

Can't wait to hear about P90X. I'd love to try it.

MJ said...

I can run at a 12min/mile pace, but I can run/walk in under 11min/mile...hmmm.

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