Sunday Trail Run

5 Miles on the agenda today.  I headed over to Cross Farms Park in Holmdel so I could do 1/2 paved trail 1/2 dirt trail---this is one of my favorite running routes. 

It was hot and slightly humid and as a last minute decision I decided to bring my Nathan hand held water bottle--usually I do not carry water, especially on runs less than 5 miles, but I do not do well in the heat.  Thank god, I brought the water--buy the end of the 5 miles, I had finished the whole thing.
I have been dehydrated due to the vacation--did not keep my fluids up.  Trying to get back into good water habits.  

I knew the trail would keep me slow, what I did not anticipate was how slow-----I expected to maintain 11:30 min/mile on the trails and instead I ended up with the following splits (first and last mile are on paved path--miles 2, 3, 4 trail):
Avg Pace
100:10:13 1.00 10:13
200:11:04 1.00 11:04
300:13:28 1.00 13:28
400:12:36 1.00 12:36
500:10:18 1.00 10:20

The trail was dark and cool, a perfect place to run on a hot day. 

I wish I had maintained a more even pace.  I love running trails, but I forgot how much harder it can be--my quads are on fire.

Easing back into it

First run today since returning from annual Florida vacation.  After 15 plus hours in the car yesterday--yes, we drive and we drive all the way on the way home--it was good to move my legs.  I kept the run slow and easy and believe it or not on the TM.  Ran 3---could have run 2 more, but my form would have suffered.  I had horrible back pain on the vacation--could have a lot to do with the awful car ride and even worse sleeping accommodations....needless to say, we all need to recover from our vacation now.

Anyway, I am going to ease myself back into my running routine--my new and improved running routine.  I decided to use my vacation as a recovery/break.  I only ran 7 miles in the last week and they were slow and with breaks due to the oppressive heat. I also only got 2 P90X/Insanity workouts in--I usually workout everyday, so this was a big change for me.  I think my body needed it. 

Today's song, Foster The People, Pumped Up Kicks (Love this song--thought it was a love song; I could have sworn they said "all the other kids with the pumped up kisses")

4 Before Brunch on TM--3 After on the Road

I have consistently been falling short of my goal of 20 miles/week since June--I have TONS of excuses but even I am sick of hearing them

Goal today was 7--did 4 on TM before eating (slept in today--it was magical).  Then I ran 3 outside after brunch--at least I got it done.

Here is a picture of the fellow I found on the road the other day:

Moved him to the side of the road so he did not become a pancake.

Woot Woot--Perfect Summer Running Day

Unexpected 3 Miles at the end of the day.  I could not resist this perfect summer day.  The breeze was cool and even though it is 77 degrees there is little to no humidity--SCORE!

I had a great run.  I could have run longer, but I figured I should not push it since I have a Hammer House ryde tomorrow am and I already did P90X today.

I hope you had a chance to get out there today--it really is a perfect day.

Glutton for Punishment--Heat, Humidity, Hills--She's Going the Distance

Who waits until the day reaches it hottest temp to head out for a run--a glutton.  I headed out when the temp hit a nice balmy 89 degrees and the sun was shinning down for a 4 mile hill run.

My time was faster than it should be but that did not include the stops in the shade--you can probably still find the puddles of sweat on the ground where I took a break in an attempt to bring my heart rate back down and recover.

My overall time was faster than I wanted and it included two walk breaks up the steeper inclines.

Today's song, The Distance, Cake

Messy Sunday am Run

Goal 7 miles slow and steady--outcome 6 with numerous stops and an un-clocked .5 mile walk.  

N meet me for a run this am at Thompson Park.  It was gorgeous out--72 degrees but it was humid and getting hotter by the minute.  I wilted after the first 2.5 miles.  It was one of those runs where I knew I just did not have it in me.  I have not been sleeping well and my tummy troubles have gotten worse.  I am convinced that I have exercise induced colitis and all the fun stuff that goes along with it.  

I am going to bite the bullet and see a GI doc (they have to rule out colon ca--fun, fun, fun)--I am such an awful patient--I have been in denial for 2 years now--but lately the last few runs even when they are short and slow have been a GI challenge.  

GI issues coupled with the humidity and dehydration (I don't handle the humidity well--picture a red tomato sweating profusely) made this run a super challenge.  I felt bad for N who really could have run the whole way without having to make any stops.  At mile 5, I had enough--I really did not have anything left in storage.  I sent/made N run on ahead to the rugby loop--I told her I would walk and meet her on the back half of the loop; hoping I would be able to run from there to the end of the loop where our cars were parked.  

I walked a 1/2 mile to meet her--there were TONS of runners--they seemed to come out of the woodwork.  They all passed me with an easy gait as if running was no effort to them--all mocking me--there was the gaggle of HS girls with blond ponytails bobbing up and down who were laughing and giggling as they ran with ease, there were the men running alone with determined looks in there eyes, there were women runners who obviously were solving world issues as they moved along, and the HS boys who were clocking 8:40 on their long slow run without breaking a sweat.....and then there was me, the red sweaty tomato shuffling along unable to break into a slow jog.

I am not going to lie to you--this was a hard run for me.

I Want to Be Like You

3 Miles before P90X Plyo--I am BRINGING IT!  The heat is killer today.

I wanted to keep it slow---I ended up running out of my "running" music as my endless playlist ended :)  and decided to listen to my "Martini Lounge" playlist--I thought the tunes would keep me slower, but instead--Negative Splits.

This song is one of my favorites and kept my legs going:

Avg Pace
100:10:00 1.00 10:00
200:09:39 1.00 09:39
300:09:36 1.00 09:36

Sunday is Run Day!

Racy Runners is a running group for everyone; running towards friendship, commitment, and health.  Come join us--everyone is welcome!
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July 10th:

Sunday, July 10th
8am Thompson Park
(Parking lot by playground)

7 miles--slow and steady
Bring water

Sunday is Run Day!

Last Sunday's Run was a HUGE success--even though only Nikki and I showed up.  Where was everyone?

We ended up getting the full 5 in; our last mile was a fast one as we dodged the thunder & lightening.  It was so nice getting the run out of the way so we could enjoy the rest of the day with our families but most of all it was the excellent conversation that made getting up and getting out there worth while.

We hope you can join us this Sunday.  Don't worry about your pace or distance--we will try to accommodate whoever shows up.  We are hoping to do 7, but we can easily plan a route that gets you back to the car in the distance that feels right for you.

Want to read about my recent running antics, please visit the Racy Runners site HERE.

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Motivation to get out there:

Last month's Runner's World magazine was dedicated to running and cancer.  Needless to say the entire magazine was one motivational kick in the ***, but this article in particular really "got" me,,7120,s6-243-588--13982-0,00.html

"You don't die suddenly from cancer, as you might from a heart attack, and you don't survive it overnight, either," says Richard Pestell, M.D., director of the Kimmel Cancer Center at the Jefferson Hospitals in Philadelphia and a former national-class distance runner in his native Australia. "Marathon training also unfolds over a period of months, and the race itself takes hours to finish. The passage of time permits a narrative to take shape. When the story of cancer meets a runner's story, the combination can be quite powerful."

What are you waiting for......

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4 in with stops along the way

I wanted to run 4 with Con--he wanted to run 2--so we compromised--3 it was.  We headed out--I knew in the first .5 mile I would need to head home to use the BR.  Don't you hate that?  Barely getting started and I was already planning a pit stop.  Thankfully our first mile is a loop near our house so heading home for a quick stop works out well.

After heading out again we ran into a friend along the way.  I had not seen S in a long time.  She was out for a power walk, but we stopped to chat.  It was a nice break.  Con's pace was much faster than he intended, but as always he just gets stronger as the run goes on (the first 2 miles are ALWAYS the hardest for him).  He stopped at 3 (we knew we would be doing P90X this am--Chest, Back and Ab Ripper and he did not want to run too far--smart boy) but I decided to keep going to get the extra mile in. 
Avg Pace
100:10:09 1.00 10:09
200:10:19 1.00 10:19
300:10:18 1.00 10:18
400:10:18 1.00 10:18
500:02:50 0.31 09:11

Running in the Rain with a Friend

Great run this morning with N.  We planned on meeting at Thompson Park at 8 am for 5 miles.  No one else was brave enough to join us :)

It had rained earlier and the weather people were predicting thunder showers throughout the day.  We decided we would at least get a couple of miles in.  We also decided to put the "run slower" training runs into practice and kept it at "talking pace" which is about 10:20-10:30--although when I took a look at our splits--it looks like we got more adapt at talking and running--Negative Splits--Yeah for us.  Although it may have something to do with the rain/thunder/lightening that hit at mile 4.

It was a great run.  We talked the whole time and if we had not got caught in the rain, I know we could have kept on running.  I am hoping Sunday am works for N--I would love to make it a standing date for a long run.  How about 7 miles next week, N?

Avg Pace
100:10:34 1.00 10:34
200:10:20 1.00 10:20
300:10:22 1.00 10:22
400:10:08 1.00 10:08
500:09:33 1.00 09:33
600:02:30 0.26 09:50