Running in the Rain with a Friend

Great run this morning with N.  We planned on meeting at Thompson Park at 8 am for 5 miles.  No one else was brave enough to join us :)

It had rained earlier and the weather people were predicting thunder showers throughout the day.  We decided we would at least get a couple of miles in.  We also decided to put the "run slower" training runs into practice and kept it at "talking pace" which is about 10:20-10:30--although when I took a look at our splits--it looks like we got more adapt at talking and running--Negative Splits--Yeah for us.  Although it may have something to do with the rain/thunder/lightening that hit at mile 4.

It was a great run.  We talked the whole time and if we had not got caught in the rain, I know we could have kept on running.  I am hoping Sunday am works for N--I would love to make it a standing date for a long run.  How about 7 miles next week, N?

Avg Pace
100:10:34 1.00 10:34
200:10:20 1.00 10:20
300:10:22 1.00 10:22
400:10:08 1.00 10:08
500:09:33 1.00 09:33
600:02:30 0.26 09:50

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