4 in with stops along the way

I wanted to run 4 with Con--he wanted to run 2--so we compromised--3 it was.  We headed out--I knew in the first .5 mile I would need to head home to use the BR.  Don't you hate that?  Barely getting started and I was already planning a pit stop.  Thankfully our first mile is a loop near our house so heading home for a quick stop works out well.

After heading out again we ran into a friend along the way.  I had not seen S in a long time.  She was out for a power walk, but we stopped to chat.  It was a nice break.  Con's pace was much faster than he intended, but as always he just gets stronger as the run goes on (the first 2 miles are ALWAYS the hardest for him).  He stopped at 3 (we knew we would be doing P90X this am--Chest, Back and Ab Ripper and he did not want to run too far--smart boy) but I decided to keep going to get the extra mile in. 
Avg Pace
100:10:09 1.00 10:09
200:10:19 1.00 10:19
300:10:18 1.00 10:18
400:10:18 1.00 10:18
500:02:50 0.31 09:11

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