Moving Forward Using All My Breath

Today was the Asbury Park Boardwalk Races for Hunger; a 5, 10, 15 K or relay.  Conor and I ran the 10K--we were so tired this am and since we have not had a continuous 5 miles run (no walk) since June, I was nervous.

I knew it would be hard to convince C that a run:walk would be better for us--we would feel stronger and finish faster.  The first mile he did not want to stop and I knew that the longer we went without that one minute walk--the more spent we would be.  I think he got the picture around mile 2 when I was running 3 min and walking 1 and still was keeping up with him.  

I talked him into breaks until 5--I told him when he hit Ocean Grove on the last lap to kick it into overdrive--and he did.  We are pretty sure he finished a good 6 min before me.

I was tired and my stomach felt queasy the whole race.  When I hit North End Ocean Grove a cafe was playing Modern English "I'll Stop the World and Melt With You"

I was able to finish strong--in the past I could do 6 in 58  min- tops an hour--ended up with an hour and 7 min--not bad for shoddy training.  Con had fun and was very proud of his run.  

Here we are with Finn pre race

Here is a motivational note Finn made me in the car on the way there

 and the after the race note...
Avg Pace
100:10:51 1.00 10:51
200:10:41 1.00 10:41
300:10:56 1.00 10:56
400:11:37 1.00 11:37
500:10:56 1.00 10:56
600:10:50 1.00 10:50
700:01:42 0.17 09:54

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